10 Reasons why your Ecommerce Website should have a blog

by Sunderbharathi Reddiar Cofounder - Go Lead Digital - Your Digital Strike

If you run an online-only business or have a brick and Mortar business - you could be weighing whether adding a blog to your site is valuable. Though the goal of your website is to drive visitors to your products, there are a multitude of reasons why adding a site to your e-commerce website is beneficial.


10 of which are highlighted below:-

Hint #1 Search Engine Optimization

You're sure to be investing resources and your time into driving more visitors to a blog -- and your e-commerce website is one of the best methods of doing so. Adding a blog will radically increase the quantity of content your site contains. The more information you have, the more your site will index--along with the more customers will find their way. With both keywords that are trending, infuse your blog posts for optimum results.

As you share your blog posts that are new in your media and you will create more backlinks.


Hint #2 Brands

Many e-commerce websites use their sites as a method of branding themselves as industry specialists. Your articles can contain tips and tricks your target audience is searching for. While you may add articles which contain for branding purposes sales info --focus on adding value to your customers.


Hint #3 Engages Your Clients

You can utilize your blog as a way of engaging your customers. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, and below are a couple of suggestions to get you heading in the right direction.


For Instance, if you promote share customer success stories.

Tell A Story--The story you tell could be anything from inspirational stories applicable to the narrative of how your company came to be, or your business, inspiring stories that your clients have shared.

Videos and post Photos --Even though your e-commerce site certainly contains images your blog is an added location in which you can utilize your customers to engage. This could be a fast video of how to access a product, different procedures of working with a product, or photos and videos of that are associated --nonetheless relevant to your intended audience.

For Instance, if you sell pet supplies you can share funny Pet videos and graphics.


Hint #4 It Is The Fantastic Place To Make Announcements

Even in the event that you utilize marketing for your statements, or have a place on your site in which you share statements --your new blog will be an excellent spot for your clients to learn on updates and news. This could be seasonal promotions, anything from fresh products, response questions, or anything about your company you'd like to share.


Hint #5 Boosts Your Conversion Rates

Your e-commerce site will not only drive more traffic to your website--but it will increase your conversions also. Your blog will make you feel more credible and relatable, which will provide a feeling of confidence in their purchases to clients.


Hint #6 Creates an Online Community

Blogs Enable clients to comment which makes your clients feel as though they are part of a larger community. Just as with media, ensure you actively respond to messages and all comments.

No worries of junk being inserted or remarks, because you are able to set up your blog in a way all comments that are outside can be approved by you before they go live.


Hint #7 Builds Brand Loyalty

You can have the best goods or services in the world, your number of repeat customers is likely to be low, in the event you don't build brand loyalty. As an online-only business or a company who sells online to clients around the globe or from around the nation --you need to find a way.

While your site will not build brand loyalty, it plays a vital part in this procedure. They'll help to construct loyalty -- Provided that your articles are a proper balance of professional, entertaining, relevant, and informative. Do not forget to highlight your charity and community participation as clients like to encourage businesses who are linked to something.


Hint #8 Offers The Capability to Go Viral

Your articles must have buttons that allow readers to easily share your articles and email them to friends. Whether you post a website with an inspirational narrative, or engaging motive --the ability to share it with all the masses, then provides the capacity for it to “go viral."

Even should you not achieve countless stocks, you can reach a part of your intended market by posting blogs that are relevant and engaging.


Hint #9 Your Social Media Marketing Efforts are supported by reasons

Each post that you create has Networking connected back to on your other marketing efforts that are on internet -- and posts. You can add buttons to “like" or “discuss" your sites posts, which is an essential part of expanding your hit on social media.

Do not forget to have buttons onto your website and blog that Link back to your social media profiles, which will allow you to reach followers and fans.


Reason #10 it's A Free Advertising Platform

Irrespective of your marketing budget, your blog is a Type of free advertising. Even though you might decide to pay to market a number of your posts, each post will garner an ongoing stream of traffic that is organic. Some articles will be applicable for months, and many others will probably be relevant for many years --but the traffic they draw takes nothing other than an investment of your own time to create post.


The 10 reasons above would be the most noteworthy reasons why sites are beneficial. We as a Ecommerce Website Development Company in Mumbai can ensure that results will not be achieved instantly but your blog will begin to pay off within your first two or three months.

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