10 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Hair

by Smuk Clinic SMUK Hair & Skin Clinic

It is normal for a person to lose about 50-100 strands of hair in a day. With the head covered in 100,000 or so hairs, such a small loss isn’t even noticeable. Normally the hair we lose is replaced by new hair. Although for some, it isn’t the same.           

Some lose large amounts of hair in a day. Hair loss can occur gradually or even abruptly. It could be permanent or temporary. While there is no exact count of hair that you lose to be considered normal, if you notice more than usual amount of hair falling, it is better to take the signs.              

Hair loss not only affects your head, it could occur all over the body. As hair on the head is more noticeable and vulnerable, it has a higher risk of falling and breaking apart.           

So, if you notice hair fall at an alarming rate, then consult a specialist as they can determine the underlying causes of same and devise a strategy to help you resolve it.               

How does hair loss occur?            

Among all the possible causes, hereditary male or female pattern baldness is the most common cause associated with hair loss. The troubles are shared by men as well as women. While men face a higher risk of hair fall, women generally have to overcome thinning and breaking hair.                   

Hair loss not only leads to aesthetic changes, the results can be demoralizing and you lose confidence. While the reasons range from a slight Vitamin deficiency to an underlying health condition, hair loss is a major concern that requires necessary prevention and cure.        

Let us explore the 10 most common causes that can be associated with hair loss -              

§  Physical Stress                 

While it commonly leads to temporary hair loss, physical stress occurring from surgery or illness can result in hair fall. Loss of hair usually becomes noticeable after three - six months of the trauma. The good news is that hair usually grows back gradually.   

§  Hormonal Imbalances   

The changes occurring in a person’s endocrine system can be a reason for hair loss both in men as well as women. In females, pregnancy is the time of major hormonal changes and most suffer from loss of hair. Such a cause is also temporary and hair lost is re-grown naturally.        

§  Overdose of Vitamin A   

Excess of everything is bad. Vitamin A is consumed by many people as medication or a supplement. However overdoing the same can trigger hair fall. It is advised that a person should consume only the prescribed and safe Vitamin levels.      

§  Male Pattern Baldness     

Every two out of three men suffer from male pattern baldness. This is a genetic or hereditary disorder and causes receding hairline that follows an M-shaped pattern.   

§  Androgenic           

The hereditary cause of hair loss in women is just the female equivalent of male pattern baldness. The condition is genetic as well and unlike men, the hair line doesn’t recede but bald patches appear across the scalp.          

§  Sudden weight loss              

An abrupt decrease in weight of a person is a major trauma to the body and thus results in gradual thinning and loss of hair.    

§  Chemotherapy   

Certain drugs that fight the cancer cells have adverse effect on our hair as well. Designed to kill rapidly dividing cells in the body, these drugs also kill hair cells as they have a tendency to develop and divide fast. 

§  Environmental pollution and poor water quality   

Pollution and dirt are the most commonly observed causes for hair loss. It makes the hair dry and un-breathable. Water quality and TDS content also impacts the health of scalp and hair.         

§  Overstyling       

Excess hair treatments, vigorous styling, tight braids, etc all prevent proper nourishment of hair and induce unnecessary pressure and stress on the scalp. This can also result in hair fall.         

§  Depression      

Like physical stress, mental stress also results in hair loss. Although the cause may be temporary but prolonged depression can make you lose hair at an alarming rate.            

If you wish to add density and volume to your hair, then the hair loss treatment in Delhi is must to be obtained at the SMUK clinic. Resulting in 100% safe and effective procedure, the female hair transplant in India is the best solution to counter all the signs of baldness and hair loss.              

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