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Cucumber is a wonderful veggie to include in your daily diet. It is loaded with goodness and has numerous health benefits. Cucumber is a highly hydrating vegetable which includes about 95% of water. It is mostly known for its cooling property and is used right from the spa to dinner plate. Cucumber tastes good as it is and needs no additional seasoning. Include few cucumber slices for every meal to see its miraculous benefits.

We have listed some of the 10 health benefits of cucumber. Take a look at the list below to know more.

1. Promotes digestive health – Cucumber is a rich source of fiber. The high amounts of water improve digestive regularity. It helps even the insoluble fibers to easily pass through the digestive tract. The enzyme called Erepsin helps in breaking down complex proteins. Studies have revealed that regular consumption of cucumber relieves digestive issues like acidity, heartburn, ulcers, constipation, and gastritis.

2. Improves cardiovascular health – Cucumber is a powerhouse of potassium the most essential electrolyte for our body. This lowers blood pressure levels by balancing the sodium levels. The adequate levels of Vitamin K help in maintaining healthy blood flow throughout the body. Overall, it has a positive impact on nerve impulse, muscle contraction and heart health.

3. An excellent supplement for skin – Cucumber is known to be an awesome ingredient for skin. It prevents anti-aging and is a potential anti-wrinkle agent. Cucumber extracts are used in a lot of cosmetics in the beauty industry to promote youthful skin. The nourishing minerals and vitamins like biotin and silica help in radiant skin, lustrous hair and healthy nails. It also fights cellulite.

4. Aids in good oral health – Consuming cucumber eliminates bad breath and promotes healthy gums. Drinking cucumber juice has amazing benefits in healing gum diseases like pyorrhea and weak gums. As per Ayurveda, cucumber cools down the excess in the stomach which is known to be the main origin for bad odor.

5. Cancer-fighting agent – Cucumber is augmented with polyphenols called lignans. This helps a great deal in preventing breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancers. The phytonutrients such as cucurbitacins can work wonders to discontinue the growth of estrogen-related cancer cells. Cucumber also helps in lowering the anti-inflammatory response in the body.

6. Rich in antioxidants -  Cucumber is an incredible source of antioxidants like beta-carotene and Vitamin C. It also includes beneficial flavonoids such as quercetin known to be the natural antihistamine. The flavonoid Kaempferol also aids in reducing the risks of cancer, chronic illness, and other cardiovascular diseases. 

7. Treats UTI and Kidney disorders – It is always advised to intake oodles of water to flush out bacteria and other toxins responsible for Urinary infections. Cucumber has high water content and this, in turn, promotes kidney cleansing. Regular consumption of cucumber can even dissolve kidney stones over time.

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8. Effective against diabetes – Cucumber contains hormones which help pancreas in producing more insulin. This greatly maintains the blood glucose level and also balances abnormal blood pressure. It is also recommended to include cucumber peels has it reduces oxidative stress.

9. Promotes healthy hair – Cucumber consists of Sulphur and silicon which plays a great role in arresting hair fall. It also promotes hair health to give you envious and lustrous locks. Eat a cucumber every day to see effective results.

10. Aids in weight loss – Losing weight is certainly not easy, it needs a lot of efforts both physically and mentally. Tricking your mind to eat healthily and working out to shed the extra kilos is worth the efforts. Cucumber makes an amazing veggie to aid in your weight loss journey. It is power packed with antioxidants and thus, boosts your metabolism. It is splendidly low in calories and can keep you full for long hours.

So, make it a habit to include cucumber in your daily diet to reap the above-mentioned health benefits. Do not forget to shop at the comfort of your fingertips on Bigbasket. The amazing Bigbasket Offers and deals will make your grocery shopping a money saving experience.

Feel free to share your views and experiences - Stay healthy and happy!

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