10 Core Benefits of Digital Marketing

by Amy Parker SEO Executive

10 Core Benefits of Digital Marketing

Now that we know the buckets of strategy associated with digital marketing, let's look at why digital marketing, well, works.

After all, if digital marketing isn't worth the money, why do it at all?

There are two things you should be aware of when we talk about all of these statistics.

1.            Digital marketing thinks long. When you hire a digital marketing agency, it's important to remember that you're looking for long-term, sustainable growth — not rapid results that fade.

2.            Each digital marketing agency is different. Some agencies don't offer all of these buckets of services, and some don't execute these strategies in-line with the buyer's journey.

Now, let's look at some of the ways that digital marketing agencies can help your business. And, why they're a great compliment to an in-house marketing team.

1. They Bring Additional Skills

How many marketers at your company know how to effectively market on social media? Probably not many. Better yet, how many marketers at your company know how to market on social media and execute SEO strategies? If you have any, they're probably few and far between. Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Bristol bring a wealth of skill to your organisation that you don't already have.

This means that you get the expertise of an entire team of marketers that have the sole focus of growing your business. Sure, in-house marketers can help. But, they can only do so much. Digital agencies can help broaden your skill set and give you a foot-in-the-door when it comes to best-of-breed marketing strategies.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Hiring a team of in-house marketers that capture the skill set that a digital marketing agency brings would be expensive. Think about it. You would have to hire a team that understands social media marketing, another team that knows how to utilise SEO, another team that can build a website, etc. etc.

Digital marketing agencies give you that entire skill-set at a fraction of the cost. In the current digital environment, you can't afford not to invest in digital marketing strategies. But, trying to build your presence online in-house is going to cost you an-arm-and-a-leg.

3. Team-based Approach

Since digital marketing involves so many buckets of skill, it's crucial that you choose a digital marketing agency that's aligned to one goal, while still leaning on individual capabilities. You have to create a website that's beautiful, yet SEO friendly. And, you want a social media strategy that's smart, but still relies on killer content.

The ability to combine people who are great at specific things under a common banner (i.e., your brand) is a critical component of digital marketing agencies.

4. Brainstorm(ability)

You may have the best in-house marketing staff on the planet. But, everyone runs into a little marketing mental block every once in a while. Combining digital marketing agencies with your in-house team can help unplug the idea drain. Not only is a digital agency motivated to produce killer results for your brand, but they can see your brand from a different perspective than your in-house team.

5. Production-focused

Digital marketing agencies are focused only on the marketing productivity of your brand. This means that you don't have to worry about costs associated with education, on-boarding, tool-sets, etc. When you pay a digital marketing agency, you're paying for results. Most agencies are hyper-focused on delivery the results outlined in your agreement.

Remember, agencies can be replaced — they're not in-house. Agencies have extra motivation to perform.

6. Results-Driven

Speaking of being production-focused, digital marketing agencies are also driven by results — and results only. This means that you'll be receiving clear, consistent reporting that's aligned with your brand goals. Since in-house marketers are often motivated by a plethora of goals, it can be tough to align them specifically to producing key performance indicators (KPIs).

Digital marketing agencies are 100% dedicated to result-bearing metrics.

7. Advanced Tools

You aren't going to be the only company working with your agency. While that may seem disadvantageous, it's actually great. Here's why. Digital Marketing Company in Bristol have access to expensive tool-sets that may be out-of-reach for your business. If you're a small business, having enterprise access to fifty different marketing tools would be insanely expensive and unnecessary.

But, digital agencies are going to have access to these tools to help them service all of their clients. So, when you hire a digital agency, you're also getting access to all of the best-of-breed tools that they have access to as well.

8. Scalability

Scaling in-house is a pain. You have to train, on-board, pay-out benefits, etc. With digital marketing agencies, you can simply purchase more services. It's that simple. This scalability means that you can rapidly upgrade your digital profile without committing to a long-term solution.

9. Elasticity

What's better than scalability? Definitely flexibility. Let's say you want to design a website. Are you going to hire a web designer, train them, pay those benefits, and then make them a permanent part of your team? Or, are you going to hire a digital agency to design the website and then shift all of those costs to another bucket once the site is done? With agencies, you can jump in-and-out of projects without a massive commitment to hiring.

10. Consistency

Finally, digital marketing agencies offer consistency. Since agencies are going to be creating deliverables for a wide variety of clientele, they usually have a framework that helps them deliver results. Frameworks are consistent.

With in-house marketing, you can often deal with group-think on projects, where single strategies take up a majority of your teams time until they move on to another approach. With a Digital Marketing Services in Bristol, you're going to receive consistency across channels from different angles.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing agencies can be a fantastic way for businesses to rapidly scale their digital presence. In today's digital ecosystem, marketing requires a digital touch. Whether that's social media, inbound, emails, web design, or even ad campaigns, digital marketing agencies can help your brand succeed in the internet-driven age of marketing.

If you're looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you drive conversions, boost engagement levels, and solidify your user's experience, contact us.


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