10 Comic Books that Made Our Childhood Amazing

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The ’90s was the best time for comic books and readers. If you are a 90’s born, you will agree with us. The era wasn’t advanced like today; however, we used to find solace in comic books. For most of us, comic books were an escape from the real world. It showcased a different world, but every story taught us a different lesson that has today helped us to shape our personalities.

10 best Childhood Comic Books

1. Tinkle

There would be hardly any of us who haven’t read the comic book. The book was based on Indian mythology which has famous characters like Supandi, Shikhari, Shambu, Pyrelala, Kalia and many more to name. Apart from short stories, the book also featured puzzles. The book is available at book stores; you can even take a subscription of the book at Magzter. It is an online platform that provides access to unlimited magazines, storybooks and writes up from different genres. By using Magzter coupons, you can even maximize the benefits.

2. Chacha Chaudhary

Chacha Chaudhary is one of the most dynamic Comic characters, who was spontaneous and superb at brain work. His pair with Sabu won him many accolades. All the age groups read the storybook. Seeing the popularity of the comic book, a TV series with the same name was started.

3. Champak

Back then if we knew what stress buster is, we would have definitely pointed Champak. The comic book made our childhood amazing. From animal stories, puzzles, quizzes, the book has it all. The book was quite famous amongst parents also as each store had a lesson to learn.

4. Tenali Raman

Tenali had a solution to every problem. He was smart, witty, and intelligent. Along with Tenali Raman, another character that became a household name was Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom. They both shared a cute camaraderie which was loved by all.

5. Panchtantra

The comic book featured non-fictional stories in English and Hindi. It has a collection of old stories. The book has many editions and with each edition different characters and stories became popular. The book has not lost presence it’s till date and still referred to have some of the amazing bedtime stories.


Who can forget the Vikram, Betal and their on-going banter? The Vikram Betal stories were the abode to a fancy world where people had magic and superpowers. Betal was a clever ghost who narrates different stories to King Vikramaditya and at the end of the story, he would ask a moral question from the king. His answer would decide whether he should be punished or set free from Betal. The stories taught some of the life-changing lessons that we cannot forget even today as well.

 7. Akhbar Birbal

Two historical characters Akhbar and Birbal inspired the comic book. It featured interesting tales where time and Birbal proves his intelligence but in a hysterical way, which amused the King Akhbar and others. Owing to positive reviews the book received a TV series with the same name that was started which got a good viewership.

8. Chandamama

The comic book is known for its unique storytelling style which won many readers heart. The book featured magical and mythological stories with colorful illustrations. The monthly magazine was released in several languages. The comic got huge popularity and was liked by people of all generations.

9. Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha has several mythological stories; every story had a message to learn. It is one of its kind comic books that made us aware of Indian mythology. Stories Mahabharata and Ramayana were covered in the book most fascinatingly. The USP of this comic book was its stories and characters that played a huge role in shaping our moral values.

10. Tintin

How can we forget Tintin and his little dog Snowy, who made our childhood adventurous? The comic received huge success in the 20th century and are popular even today as well, thanks to animated series with the same name.


The ’90s was the era when the internet was just introduced and not many of us has access to it. For us, the only medium of entertainment was comic books which featured fancy stories from the world. In this blog, we have curated 10 awesome comic books that played a huge role in our childhood.

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