10 Best Sci-Fi Pilot Episodes Ever Aired

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The fans of science fiction movies and television series are increasing day by day, and the popularity of science fiction is touching new heights. Science fiction employs elements that are very much alien to the people but put the real human concerns within these unknown elements and explore it in an entirely different way. The stories weaved around these alien elements and unimaginative worlds not only thrilled us but also entertained us differently. Every television series has something exceptional and unusual to offer to the world. Still, there are very few television series that gets the massive applause of viewers in just its pilot episodes. Here, is the list of some science fiction which got the appreciation of audiences:-


The first episode Firefly, which was extra long, full, and successfully established the future and history of the incidents going on in the show. The first episode introduced us with Mal and Zoe, who have lost their side in the battle of serenity, valley. The events in the pilot episode further give glimpses of a potential relationship between Zoe and Mal. We came to know that the pair after defeated in the battle, along with the team, is trying hard to remain alive by avoiding any clash with the dark Alliance government.


The pilot episode was one of the most costly episodes of this series Lost directed by J.J.Abrahams.The pilot episode of Lost series introduced us with the characters who remained alive even after their plane Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, and the survivors found themselves on a mysterious island. The pilot episode of this series received the highest ratings and reviews and was critically acclaimed one. The technique of narrative was excellent, which begins with featuring Jack Shepherd, Kate Austen, and Charlie Pace, telling their experiences in the flashback.

Dark Angel

The pilot episode of science fiction Dark Angel was unique, which featured a young woman who is a super soldier and genetically enhanced. The series included the story of a young woman who escaped from a secret military facility and trying to lead a normal life. She is searching for her brothers and sisters who were lost when she was managing her escape from the agents of the government.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a fiction horror that introduces the researchers of Hawkins National laboratory who have opened an alternate dimension “Upside Down,” and a monster from Upside Down kidnaps a boy named Will Byers. The family members and friends of the boy trying to search him and meanwhile got the assistance of a psychokinetic girl eleven.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The pilot episode of this science-fiction drama was a fantastic one and was revolving around the family. Armed groups separate the women of a family with her daughter and husband amidst firings, and now she is known as Offred, who is a  Handmaid to Commander.

The Walking Dead

The Walking dead is counted as one of the best science fiction horror series ever made and was an incredible series worthy of watching. The pilot episode of this series was stunning regarding visual effects and has got the highest ratings.

Orphan Black

The incredible performance made by actress Tatiana Maslany was among several reasons which made the science fiction, Orphan Black, a huge success. The series features the story of some clones who have found that they are part of some illegal and immoral experiments.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is one of the most successful science fiction aired by Disney+ streaming services. The pilot episode of this series was very much fascinating, which introduces us to the bounty hunter and the leader of the guild.

The Twilight Zone

The pilot episode of science fiction The Twilight Zone gave it a smashing start and established it one of the best science fiction ever made. The pilot episode begins featuring a man who could not recall his old memories and found himself lost somewhere in an unknown place.

Battlestar Galactica

The science-fiction introduced us to a distant star system where the civilization of humans is still alive in the twelve colonies on a series of planets. The cultures were at war with a cybernetic race which is created by them

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