Yellow Sapphire Vs Emerald : Which one is better ?

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Find Out Yellow Sapphire Vs Emerald Which one is better?


Yellow sapphire and emerald both are highly regarded among the astrologers and gemologist for  having exceptional physical and metaphysical attributes. The significance of yellow sapphire and emerald stone can be understood from the fact that both these stones fall in the category of precious stones. By precious stones we mean those stones which attain exceptional physical properties. And both these stones have possessed remarkable physical attributes. The outstanding physical characteristics of both these stones can be understood from the fact that the durability of these stones falls in the range between 8.0 to 9.0 which is excellent. The yellow sapphire stone attains the physical durability of 9.0 which is just subordinate to diamond. Similarly, it is extremely hard to break precious emerald stone because of its hardness of 8.0 on the Mohs scale.


Apart from its significant physical characteristics, these stones are quite popular around the world for their powerful metaphysical properties. The evidence of their popularity is found in the history and sacred text books of different civilizations around the world.


Apart from these similarities between emerald and yellow sapphire, there prevails several differences between these stones. Let’s check out the significant difference between yellow sapphire and emerald.



As far as hardness is concerned, yellow sapphire stone has succeeded emerald convincingly. The  roughness of yellow sapphire stone is 9.0 which is far better than the roughness of emerald which runs between 7.5 to 8.0.

On the front of metaphysical properties, both stones have been associated with potent planets since centuries by prophets and astrologers. It is stated that yellow sapphire belongs to the planet Jupiter and emerald have its association with mercury.

As per astrologers, emerald is considered to be the birthstone of the month may which means a person who is born in this month can wear this stone to conceive immense benefits in his/her life.


On the contrast, yellow sapphire is not termed to be the birthstone of any month. However, it is believed that if this stone is worn by ascendents of zodiac sign Sagittarius then it invites celestial forces affiliated with planet Jupiter in their lives provided if a person wear certified yellow sapphire stone.


Yellow sapphire stone belongs to the mineral family corundum whereas, emerald belongs to the mineral family beryl.

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