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W.R.O stands for World Robot Olympiad. World robot Olympiad is an international level robotic competition. It invites the kids between the ages of seven (7) and nineteen (19). It is an event which brings together the people from different countries together. World robot Olympiad helps kids not only to improve their creativity and problem solving skills but also to share their cultures and make new friends. It is an event for science and technology education. The World robotic Olympiad held the competitions in three different levels according to the age level. Senior high category is one of the constituted levels. The candidates participating in this category should be less than twenty (20) years of age but must be greater than sixteen (16) years of age in the year of competition. Each year different problem statements are being formulated and the challenges are always based on some particular themes. This article is dedicated to provide the knowledge or details regarding world robot Olympiad 2013 senior high level.

This years’ senior high category theme is Komodo Island wro: island of dragon. The republic of Indonesia is made up of 17,508 small islands. Komodo Island is one of them. Komodo Island is particularly notable as the natural habitat of the Komodo dragons, the largest lizard on the earth and hence consequently named after the island. This is the home of approximately 2000 people and has a surface area of 390 kilometer square. For centuries there is a tradition to hunt deer and goats and give it to the dragons in order to make the friendly relations with them. They can live up to fifty years and can recognize the persons individually. Hence the Komodo Dragons survived here and became extinct in rest parts of the earth. Komodo dragon is a member of the monitor family. It is the largest living species of the living lizard species. Komodo is a part of the Lesser Sunda chains of island and form part of Komodo National Park. This island is also a popular for diving. In the wild the Komodo Dragons are becoming less in number and in order to protect them Indonesian law is set and a national park.

Robot Game Description: As the theme is based somehow on protecting the Komodo Dragons, so the challenge of this years’ world robot Olympiad senior high is based on protecting and preserving their eggs. The robot game challenge arena is having base area in fact further divided into three zones and indicated by green and light green in color. The elevated portion in rest of the game table represents Komodo Island. Sea side is the white area surrounding the Komodo Island. The challenge objects are red and blue balls. The red ball represents the eggs of Komodo dragons which must be preserved and the blue ball represents eggs of another species.

 The game challenge is that the robot is to start from the base area and is to travel around the Komodo Island, collect the challenge objects representing Komodo dragon eggs and count them and carry them back to the base area. Other species eggs have not to be removed from their original position. Multiple programs can be downloaded in the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT brick , but at the participating round only one program can be chosen. The dimensions of the robot is 25c.m x 25c.m x 25c.m. The robot's mission is to travel around the Komodo Island, collect and count all the red balls, and carry them back to the Base area. Only the red colored balls should be collected and carried back to the Base area. The blue colored balls must not be removed from their original places (on top of a "ball holder"). The number and position of red balls will be decided just before the participating round. There are 14 ball holders and only 12 is to be used, rest will remain empty. The number of red balls used in one particular round will determine the required "finish position". For example, if the number of red balls is 2, the robot must stop in Zone 2. If the number of red balls is 4, the robot must stop in Zone 4.

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