Why most people Failed to Make Money Online - Ewen Chia

by Adam C. Co - Founder of Vacant Seize .COM
This article I will share with you on the last webinar Ewen Chia do it Live online.And the last Seminar he going to held in Singapore (think he have earn enough by conducting course, finally going to retire in his late 40').

This topic is a sharing on "Why most people failed to make money online", it's really useful for those been trying in Internet marketing and "Never make a sale". I will list it in a point form and elaborate more for your understanding. So lets get started!

There are 7 main reasons that caused people failed in Internet marketing (for me It can actually cover a bigger topic on why people failed doing business).


Not having the right mindset, the very serious problem!

- Most people start and do without treat this as a real business. (Starting with doubt and you get doubt result).

- People think either is a scam else get immediate results (however, it can be fast but not overnight, you need to build solid foundation to keep it going).

- Why you will doubt about the Internet marketing that can make a lot of money and can let you make a living on it!? You need to be absolutely serious!

- Without have yours goals and even a simple plan (a lot people don't have a goal ahead - which is wrong). Write down your goal now that you wish to complete within 90 days, it can be simple but need to have clarity. Do as define as possible on what you want to achieve like money or just a simple website setup. And commit to yourself on making $1,000 dollars online whichever you felt feasible to you.

Quick Check list -

1. Write down your goal. (now)
2. Prepare a plan (simple and achievable)
3. Take responsible for your own Actions (Do it for your own sack!) - execute it!

Reason #2

Not having enough or any focus in the Internet business (health?finance?motivation?product?)

- Without focus on one thing at a time! (You need to Refer back to the plan and follow it closely, if you want to publish a book you can outsource or do yourself, complete it a strike it off from your plan)
- You need to leveraging your skills and time, do what you do the best fast, one by one.
- Understand you Can't Do Everything - outsource If possible! (Although it might cost some money but the right mindset is to replace your weakness with others people strength )
- Have some discipline to follow through , as some product are only suitable to some people. The same product if not work for you however it might be the best product for your friends. Although it really need to do some dirty work before you really can make the "one" press button, you just need to discipline to utilized your time to build up your business.

Not having mentors (very important 70% failed without it)
- learn from people who are already successful and model them (don't only listen what they say but learn how they do). Ask yourself some question when you learning and answer them yourself and copy the correct mentor. Try to copy them (cause this works from them, and build up a same one).
- Always find mentors you are comfortable with (so you will listen to them). Focus on Some of them will do, 2~ 3 different approach, learn from then and try to copy them.

Not knowing who your customers are or understanding what they want (sell blindly)
- what's you niche? Did you focus own what they really want? Go to some market place like click bank and amazon on the niche you passion on. You need to have the motivator to continue doing it.
- "spy" on them - what do they want. Example a weight lost niche, what people want when they diet, what happen after that, what are the problem they face? Best to focus in the forum, the right way to focus on the top topics on what the niche discussing about.
- Understand the problem and give solutions
- make them choose you over competitors, as long you provide the value to really Help people.

Not doing enough or any marketing! (Business killer)
- do what really matters! Most people do not really doing "enough" in the marketing part, they though just need to have a pretty website and people willing to buy from you. Understand the application and take up to 70% on doing marketing. If cant do it, outsource it!
- wasting time on unimportant tasks, Facebook is distracting be focus.
- reaching out to your customers. Participate in the forums so you can get it engage with them.
- You must have a daily "to do list" marketing plan. As simple as put up one video, set up your page.

Not having the correct or right business model (Affiliate marketing? CPA? Groupon?)
- many way to make money online, you must stream line to the only "one" to focus.
- need to focus on one business model.
- everyone is different. (For a start you can try all but in the end choose only "1"
- stick to the working one!

Not having a list of subscribers! (Keep the email list to other affiliate pocket)
- the list is the key to long term profits (email marketing very important for long term profit, you need it from the day 1!) if you not focus to build a database now, you must do IT!
- focus on activities that grow the list, focus on article, running pin, social media and more to build your list.
- important on giving value -including sells to you Subscribers (a lot people afraid to sell, but you the list your subscriber that "training" to buy and to support you. All the successful website do Internet marketing like amazon, eBay, etc. all are promoting the product. The products must be good and giving value.
- consistency in growing the list bigger.

What's the solution for this problem?
- not having this and that or mentor, you can go away and think for yourself but is there anyway to short cut it?
- it's really important to get a mentor, so the easy way is either "struggle on your own or...follow the right thing from the experience people.

Go to the Internet business x website on the details. Last event for Ewen Chia. Also bring in the Speaker like Gred Jacobs mobile marketing expert, Leon Jay product launch expert on automation and James brown that maximize the effort with minimum of expert. Bring this event with one friend free.

So what's the promotion? These the freebies for the first 20 people (open till 20th October 2012 only).

For a conclusion, you should always focus on the most fundamental "Do 1 by 1 method" fr your long term Internet income. After that you can easily duplicate. Also for Ewen Chia, been one of by Internet marketing inspiration. Although he was not a good speaker (neither do I), he an really understand what are the niche people are focusing on. A last applause for Ewen Chia.

Best regards,
Adam Chua
Co founder -

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