Why Does the Value of Yellow Sapphire Keep on Rising?

by Vikas Avnish Avnish GemPundit
Sapphires are one of the most sold gemstones in the world. Two of the color variants of sapphires, blue and yellow are mainly treasured and famous for their charming looks. While these gems are counted amongst the precious stones, these usually cost a lot. The cost of treated sapphires is still moderate, but the untreated ones cost a fortune. And with time, the cost of the Yellow Sapphires is increasing drastically. Let's understand, why the cost of Yellow Sapphire keeps rising?

The cost of loose Yellow Sapphires has increased alarmingly in the last decade. The reason behind such continuous elevation in the gemstone prices can be easily understood by the following four words "low supply, high demand". In the last decade, the demand of loose Pukhraj stone and jewellery has increased at a very high rate. But, on the other hand, the production of mines producing the fine Yellow Sapphires has decreased. This has produced a scarcity of fine Yellow Sapphires in the market, hence increasing the cost.

As per the reports and stats, the cost of a fine Yellow Sapphire has tripled in last ten years. The sole reason behind such increment in the cost is that the better known mines of Pukhraj are producing lesser gems and there are no new major mines which could offset such production scarcity.

Another reason for the Continuous increment in the cost of Pukhraj is that government of mining countries are changing their policies. Madagascar, for example, stopped the export of rough gems so that the Gemstone companies will set up their industries there, hence the miners moved out. The government of Sri Lanka has stopped issuing licenses to the miners and even have put a hold over the old contractors as the mining is affecting the environment.

While to surpass such policies of the government, the cost of mining and processing has increased drastically. This is also a reason why the cost of Yellow Sapphire stone keeps rising.

The demand of Pukhraj in India is quite high, in comparison to any other country. This is due to the reason that here, Yellow Sapphire meaning to many people is never ending success and a blessing of the planet Jupiter.

Author : He is an expert gemologist and work with GemPundit.He advises about gemstones related queries from user and has successful track record of servicing customers for more than 20 years

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