Why Do Webinars?

by Kay Brasher Helping Others On the Road to Success
Why do webinars? Webinars are not as difficult as some make them out to be. 

Here a few things to consider:
1) What is it you want to present?
2) How do you want to do it?
    1) Audio or Teleconference only?
    2) On Webcam, Mic and training only?
    3) Webcam, Mic and Power Point presentation?

After you have determined "How" you want to do it.  You need then to decide, what will you be delivering? 

Are you going to be training, offering a service, or a particular product?

If you are giving training and you are going to present an offer it is either best to tell your audience at the beginning of the meeting.  Some people give things away at the beginning but, most people hold the giveaway until the end. At that point they inform the audience that they need to stick around until the end to receive their gift.

If you are going to be doing training and offering your services you need to make sure your presentation shows a lot of value. When delivered in the proper manner and value is given people will purchase your training and follow you.

You need to determine the day and time you want to do your webinar.

Things to consider here are who is your audience?  Is your audience world wide, local or the United States?

You might say, why does this matter?

Well if you are holding a meeting for local businesses then probably sometime after 5 or 6pm would be best.  Most businesses are open from 9-5pm.  If you're doing something local for a restaurant or a business that runs pretty much late into the day , you might want to find out when there business is slow.  Then you can conduct your meeting at that time.

When the business is world wide.  Such as most Internet Marketing. You may want to hold it when several people can attend.  A good time is 9pm EST. This allows you to reach more of a wider range of people.  Many people come at this time no matter what country they live in.

Now for the "why" of why do webinars.  The reason is that they have a higher conversation than most of the other methods to find buyers.  Webinars are a great way to brand yourself.  Branding yourself and your business in one shot. Not only that people get to see and feel the real you.  Webinars are a fantastic way to build that like, know and trust.

This information has been talked about by Craig Caron and Nancy Radilinger they are the owners of Family Networker.  They teach us about the new trends and list building.  I  have applied what Craig and Nancy have taught us in my own business.  I am a webinar hostess and I help people step up and get out of the comfort zone. 

I named a few reasons.  Now I would like to hear from you, "Why Do Webinars?"


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Paul Peeters Advanced   Internet Marketer and Coach
This is a very good topic to treat, Kay. Many people could get serious benefits from organizing a webinar, but there are many factors which tend to withhold them from doing one. Aside from not knowing the technical know-hows, there is certainly also a major factor in the fear of being in front of (even an invisible) audience.
I for one would very much like to see this topic explored some further. Can you give us more details on reliable and affordable solutions for organizing webinars ?
A further explanation in more detail would be most appreciated ;-)
Sep 17th 2012 04:28   
Kay Brasher Senior   Helping Others On the Road to Success
There are free platforms out there that you can use. You can also, get involved with GVO or NPN as they provide webinar platforms along with other tools that are needed for an online or offline business. I hope this answered your question Paul.
Sep 17th 2012 04:36   
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