Where To Start

by Toby Bennett Online Marketing Specialist

There are thousands of opportunities online for making money. There are the scams and the honest businesses. How do you narrow it down and find what suites your style the best?

For me I had people telling me all the time how much money they make a month. They were sponsors, coaches, mentors, gurus. If I joined them they promised to make sure they would help me reach my financial goals.

Not only do you need to be careful what opportunity you join but who you can trust. You can take the long hard path or you can follow a few steps that will help you narrow it down to a few opportunities. Here are some suggestions that I have.

1. This is "not" a hobby. Don't treat it like one. So many people treat it like a hobby and wonder why they don't earn a profit. Just like any job, you have to "work" to make money. It's no different online. Find yourself a quiet place that you can work from. Figure out how much time you have to dedicate yourself to your "business" and set a schedule. Stick to your schedule. One nice thing about working for you is the flexibility in hours. However, don't take advantage of that until you have seen success. If you set aside 2 hours a day and have to cancel do to other plans, be sure to make up that 2 hours. You must have self-discipline, motivation, and determination to succeed.

2. Having a Business Plan is essential to any business. There is no exception with an online business. There are many business plans on the internet. Again, do your research and find the one that best suites you.

3. How much money can you invest? Face it, if you were going to start a franchise in a brick and mortar business you would have start up fees. Not all online opportunities will require one and there are different startup costs for each opportunity.

4. Do research on the opportunity that looks interesting to you. So many people jump right in, anxious to make a lot of money right away. What happens is they are not getting anywhere. It might be because the opportunity is a scam; there are certain things you did not realize were required in order to earn money such as buying other things like domains or marketing tools before you can get started. Make sure you know exactly how much investment you are required to make before you join.

5. Check out the Compensation plan. If the math does not add up it's probably not worth your time. Some opportunities are a onetime profit, some are residual income. Make sure you are not spending 4 hours for a $20 profit. There are plenty of opportunities that will pay you accordingly.

6. Turn things around. Do an interview on the person that will be above you. Whether it is a sponsor, mentor, up line, etc... If they are quality they should not take offense to you asking them your questions. Think of it this way, when you are putting people into your business would you rather know that they are serious about making money or are you going to have to spend your valuable time doing the work for them. When people interview me I know that I have found someone that is taking this serious. Of course you want to help them every step of the way but you do not want to do all the work for them. Same goes with your mentor. Are they going to be there for you? Are they going to get a profit from you and you never hear from them again?

I hope you have received some good ideas here. I will be writing more soon. I would love any feedback you may have and I would love to help anyone in need.

Thank you,

Toby Bennett

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Jose Palomino Professional   Consultant
Congratulations Toby, You have an interesting article.
Aug 23rd 2013 18:57   
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