What's The Best Hunter Pets For Pandaria?

by Annie T. Pasiaboat Networking

What's the best hunter pet for pandaria ? In Mists of Pandaria,if there's one thing that defines the hunter class, it's our smoldering good looks. But just behind the irresistable allure of our sculpted flesh, the defining aspect of the hunter class is our pets. There is nothing hunters love more than our pets, and the most common questions hunters ask about Mists of Pandaria are about our pets. What will the new pets be? What are their special abilities for making Wow Gold ? Here let's get to know the best hunter pets for pandaria.

Thus far the new tameable hunter pet families found in Mists are:Quilen The quilen is a sort of stone lion found in the Wandering Isle of Pandaria. It is an exotic pet, meaning BM only with two special abilities.

Water strider The water strider looks like a giant version of those water bugs that wander around the surface of still ponds. It's tameable, and we can assume that we'll find more of them around Pandaria as the progresses. The water strider is also an exotic pet, BM-only, bringing two special abilities.

BasiliskWe've seen these guys around the game forever, and now they can learn to love and serve us, bringing and interesting new buff with them.Petrifying Gaze Turns the target into stone for 3 seconds, causing them to be invulnerable.

CraneThese new pets are found chillin' along banks throughout Pandaria, and all the ones I've seen so far are not hostile.Lullaby Puts the target to sleep for 4 seconds.Trick You command your Crane to do a trick.

GoatWe can get a pet goat, according to datamined information. Sadly, it does not have an ability that involves eating anything in the game.Trample Your goat tramples the enemy, kicking up an obscuring cloud of dust, causing all enemies within 10 yards to have their melee and ranged attack speed reduced by 20% for 30 seconds.

In Mists,each one of them can be the best hunter pets for pandaria pets no longer have a specific spec. Instead you can choose whether to make your pet ferocity, cunning, or tenacity, and you can visit a pet trainer to change your pet's spec at any time. If you'd like to know more information about wow guide or wow mop gold news,you can check out at .

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