What to Avoid During a Guest Posting Campaign

by Gorav H. Digital Marketer and Pro. Blogger

The guest post is one of the most powerful methods to boost your credibility and search engine visibility. If you manage to get a guest post on a popular blog, you’ll also gain recognition among their audience and an receive immediate spike in traffic.

Getting a guest post on a moderately popular blog isn’t easy, but most of the obstacles are easily overcome if you know what you’re doing. Here are some things to avoid that could be standing in the way of your success.

Offering Low Tier Articles

A successful blog, the kind with an actual audience, steady traffic, and thorough interaction, demands high quality content in order to stay afloat. When you write an article in an attempt to guest post on a blog, you should aim to produce an article that is higher in quality than the average post on that blog.

Why not aim to match quality? There are a few reasons. Odds are, you will think your own content is better than it really is. Even if that’s not true, odds are that the blogger you are contacting will think that way about their own content. Unless you offer them something that matches their style, appeals to their audience, and presents something new and intriguing, they won’t be interested.

No blogger will be willing to compromise their own site with content that they perceive to fall below their threshold. Aiming high is the best way to stay above it.

Pestering Bloggers

If a blogger hasn’t responded to your query after a few days, there’s a good chance it’s because they are busy. Pester them and you will come across as a spammer, and be ignored. There’s any number of reasons why a blogger will take a long time to respond to your email, or even never respond at all. Don’t take this personally.

You are either wasting time or being counterproductive by following up with an email wondering why they haven’t written back yet. If they weren’t going to respond to your email before, they are even less likely to now. If they were planning to respond, you might end up changing their mind by bothering them.

A much better strategy is to waste no time waiting for responses. As soon as you send an email out, you should be looking for a new blog and writing a new article. If you don’t receive a reply for a month or so, you can send them another email saying that you are withdrawing your request so that you can submit the guest post to a different blogger.

Stealing Ideas

You might think that if the words you have written can’t be found anywhere else on the web, than what you have to say is original. Legally speaking, sure, you’re on safe ground. But an unoriginal idea won’t attract any attention from the blogger’s audience, so the blogger won’t be interested either.

The idea for your article doesn't necessarily have to be completely and entirely original, but it should be something that most of the people in the audience haven’t seen before. That doesn’t just mean it hasn’t been posted to the blog before. It also means it hasn’t been posted in any visible portion of that niche in a very long time.

Most of us aren’t overflowing with original ideas, or course. Brainstorming, combining ideas together in interesting ways, and finding ideas in inaccessible places is a great way to come up with something more original.

Stealing Images

Just don’t do it. It’s easier to pay $1 for a stock image than to earn the reputation of an image thief. Legal consequences are possible, but it can also damage your reputation. If you ever use an image that you didn’t pay for, make sure that it is Creative Commons licensed for commercial use, and give attribution to the image owner.

Being Impersonal

A blogger wants to know that you’re a real human being before they spend any time considering your guest post. Take a business casual approach.

An article by Gaurav Heera providing Online marketing tips and Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

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