What Do Google, eBay and Microsoft all have in common?

by Aurang Zeb Awan Content Writer

They are all huge companies that were started virtually and no body knew about them. Than all a sudden when internet revolution take over the world, now everyone wants to be attached with them to earn some money online but they could not get enough but those people who had the insight to get in with them in the beginning made a fortune. One slight problem all these companies have, they made their owners multi billionaires but done nothing for a average person.

Well you have the chance to change all of that right now become part of history in the making. There is another huge company which is built and emerging very fast right now, except this time around because it includes average people, it includes people just like you. Want a sneak peak to see what I am talking about?


Mission: We will work tirelessly to create an extremely useful platform where our members connect, earn, and share. We will become the single greatest source of financial blessings for great Causes throughout the world.

What is Tagvillage?

Connect + Earn + Share“


With friends, relatives and business associates on this amazing new social platform that interacts with other major social media.


Earn money just using the site. Get your share of the wealth as advertisers target keywords and phrases you own.


Share bountiful blessings with your favorite Charities and Causes by telling us where to distribute our weekly philanthropic donations.

Quite simply, TagVillage is a new social media site that rewards its members for doing things they already do on other social sites... things like chatting, uploading photos and posting. But Tagvillage provide them chances to grow financially as well.

Trading Platform

Tagvillage is site where you can trade tags/keywords and on every sale you can earn 30% profit every time. Most beneficial part is if you own a tag/keyword which advertiser use to advertise their product on Tagvillage you will earn 30% commission from advertising revenue. For example if you have a tag “Sony laptop” and advertiser spent $100 on the advertisement than you will get $30 from that money. No matter what is the tag/keyword price you paid? Now imagine if advertiser spent $1000 than? Yes, you will get $300 from that revenue as your 30% profit share. If you have 1000 tags and than your atleast 10 tags are in the advertisers use than you have the profit 10 times more. Now very important point of Tagvillage Trading Portal is, whoever will join in the starting they have more chances to build their tags/keywords empire spending lowest amount of money and have more chances to make tons of money online from home. So this is the golden time to join. See my payment proofs below:

TV Payment

Tagvillage Bazaar

Tagvillage has one unique Bazaar where you can find amazing deals on extremely popular items or services for as low as $0.10 Tagvillage credits. Everything which you love to buy, you can buy it in the Tagvillage Bazaar. See some proof of Items already sold:

Advertising Platform

Tagvillage is a hug potential to reach thousands of potential buyers and customers, so advertisers have the golden opportunity to reach to them via Tagvillage. Important part of the Tagvillage is they have maximum number of trading and buying members, who are already familiar with online buying and selling through Bazaar platform so there are huge chances to sell your products to them. New business starters can put there items in Bazaar for promotional purpose as well where they will get maximum exposure which can generate trend towards their products as fast as they imagine.

So this Platform is a win win situation for all of those who are looking for an online business opportunity or looking towards making money from home. And for those too who are looking for maximum number of clients for their products and services to be reach with the help of one platform. So if you are interested than Just Take a Look Now

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Joet Johnson Innovator  Web Marketer
really nice....
Oct 7th 2011 01:24   
MARK Freshman  
really nice....
Oct 7th 2011 01:28   
Mathew Even Innovator   
really nice....
Oct 7th 2011 01:31   
Kenny Lee Advanced   Attention electronics
really nice....
Oct 7th 2011 04:19   
Qaim Abbas Senior   Online Money Maker
This article show us that how can we earn and make free money at our home. We can easily earn free money via the above mentioned way. So therefore i like the above article about how can we earn the money at home. nice. Thanks
Oct 7th 2011 05:19   
Jenny Wilson Advanced   Web Marketing
Good article.
Oct 7th 2011 06:20   
Rosette Dawn Advanced  Web Marketing
wow good article about online making money
Oct 7th 2011 07:37   
JohnMiller Freshman  
Nice article...
Oct 7th 2011 09:44   
Michael Carmona Senior   Making Money Online Rocks!!!
The first site that offers this type of business model was kooday and I truly love the idea that you can own a keyword and get paid from it.
Oct 7th 2011 10:17   
AP P. Senior   Web Designer
Good information..
Oct 7th 2011 11:06   
Vijaya Lakshmi Committed   Writer, Health Consultant
I am hearing about this tagvillage often. But I fear to invest my time there.
Oct 7th 2011 13:20   
Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
Well Lakshmi you do not have to worry about it I can get you with me step by step and can assure your success as well on tagvillage
Oct 7th 2011 14:19   
Glenda P. Advanced   Admin Assistant
very informative
Oct 7th 2011 20:21   
Casey P. Advanced   Internet Marketer
Must try and see how it works.
Oct 7th 2011 20:31   
Reggie W. Senior   Internet Marketer
great info and there is a new one on the way but I cant tell you about it here
Oct 7th 2011 22:29   
Sinful F. Committed   Money Online
thank's for sharing...............
Oct 7th 2011 23:11   
Vijaya Lakshmi Committed   Writer, Health Consultant
Thanks Zebgul. I would learn something more about this site before joining there.
Oct 9th 2011 01:03   
Qaim Abbas Senior   Online Money Maker
Please tell me what we do that we are able to work and perform in TagVillage ?
Oct 9th 2011 01:37   
Manali Patel Senior  SEO firm
@Zebgul as you have said that one has any tag and if advertiser use it , then he/she can get the money for allowing that tag for use. But what else if any other has the same tag and our tag not used by the advertiser. So what can we do for our tag/keyword so that advertiser can use it more , and we can earn more and can stay in market. As now a days competition is so high so this thing also be needed to think on it.
Oct 10th 2011 00:38   
Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
There is an option to buy those high priced and advertiser's target oriented tags for example, "make Money Online". Right now this tag is on very high price but we can put our share in it via purchasing this tag in the Tags bid platform where Those who have high value tags share their tags for others to meet their other requirement on Tagvillage. For example I have some high valued tags and I am went out of fund than I put some of my high value tags in the market for sharing basis and those who do not have to capacity to buy but they can buy shares in my tag. I hope I explained in easy to understand manners and you got the answer as well.
Oct 11th 2011 15:48   
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