What Are The Best PVP Spec for Death Knight in Wow MOP

by Helen Li Web Editor

What are the best pvp spec for death knight in Wow MOP? Its really hard to answer, will share some tips with players. Unlike for PvE, there are no clear cut winners for the PvP DK. Each tree brings multiple benefactors to the fight, and can adapt to your teams makeup. Design your DK around your play style, and make sure to factor in whom you are playing with and you can’t go wrong.

What are the best pvp spec for death knight in Wow MOP

Unholy is better in larger groups (3v3, 5v5) I think than blood because of all the AoE. They also get an extra plague so with 4 plagues running, they get better Death Strike heals than frost and blood. The ghoul is also a steady source of DPS..not great but maybe enough in tight battles. Their AoE is the best of the class's and have a good speed advantage (15%) and with Unholy presence also have 15% attck speed as well.

Death Knights do not have shields but do have good avoidance and powerful anti magic protection that have them being used as the main tanks against magic attack based bosses in raids. Don't think Death Knights do not make good tanks just because they don't use a shield. Death Knights make good tanks if they are geared, spec'd and played correctly.

Death Knights can dual wield or use 2-handed weapons. They use a unique rune system for their special skills so playing a Death Knight often means using a combo rotations for doing damage but in recent patches it has gone to a priority system(we talk about this later on). Death Knights also gain runic power when using abilities that use runes and this runic power can be used to cast spells such as Death Coil or Frost Strike.

Death Knights are also one of the best tank in Mists of Pandaria, for which have a variety of PvP based skills, and since they are considered the “clicky” or “timer” tank, a lot of their abilities carry over well into PvP. All three trees have useful PVP skills; the choice is dependent on your play style and whom you may be doing arena with. If you are running 2’s with Double DPS; you may want to look more at the blood tree. Whereas if you are playing with a healer, frost/unholy may work out better for you.

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