Welcome Back Wincer, you’re a married man.

by Joseph Botelho Investing One Gram at a Time

October 25, 2011

Welcome Back Wincer, you’re a married man.

Yea life is getting better for you as your career has been; now you have the most important ingredient in your life for success.  The woman you love made a commitment to you and will make you very happy and successful.  Your life has more meaning then it did a few weeks ago, you have found your partner for life.

We have worked hard on many projects all for the better, as we have in the pass, always looking for the right formula for success. The formula is the ability to never be satisfied with what you have, always something we can improve, implement or revise so we all can benefit.  This has been the “APSense Formula” regardless how good we look and operate we just have not arrived at our desire level of “Marketing”

We talked about some new changes coming to “APSense” and they will be presented shortly for all the members and new members to benefit the “APSense Rewards” the revision that are being considerate will be tested and fully approved by the APSense Team….marketing department, IP department, and all members who have contributed to these upcoming implementations.  The team has come up with some clever idea’s that l endorse, fully support them, why l see the total benefit we will all enjoy.

I really honestly believe you will also see the benefits from the new revisions and it provides us to become more “Professional Marketers” here, along with all the other sites you currently work with.  The key is you will have some of the most creative “Marketing Tools” to share, promote and most of all make you a “Leader in YOUR Field”.  This is not a pipe dream; it will require work on your part also.

Let’s review our current “Rankings with Alexa”, review our stats, key words, traffic audience, and performance tables will provide you with a very educated outline of our future.  So l will leave you with this and Wincer will take over from here.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho


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Wincer Song Magnate I Deluxe Founder
Thank you, Joseph.

It is a new start, I hope everyone can share my happiness!
Oct 24th 2011 23:44   
Dam Gun Committed   
Long time partnership for working with creating formula and works on with better understanding feels good.Here your sharing says that you have good bonding is well now he is going to start new life.So all the best to you for having entering to new life with your loved one is well.
Oct 25th 2011 06:42   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Yes it is a brand new start for you Wincer l have feeling you will do well with the family life...all the best
Oct 25th 2011 08:47   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Well he is back, time to concentrate on our future here, how will make this is all full into place....getting all of us working with one another; understanding our "Marketing" concepts how to use our tools and most all making our articles visible inn cyberspace....this is the key to generating countless traffic back to our sites...but we do not do it...we all known how to do it...anyhow you can lead a horse to water who ever said it was the first place..:}
Oct 28th 2011 21:11   
Enamul Huque Professional   SEO Specialist
Wishing your happy conjugal life.
It would be great to see a wedding photograph.
Oct 30th 2011 02:06   
Chuks Okonta Professional   Internet marketer
Best wishes wincer in your new family.
Oct 30th 2011 02:30   
Irene Blackett Committed   Marketing Tools And Training
Congratulations Wincer and all the best! I'm looking forward to the changes to 'Apsense'!
Oct 30th 2011 23:30   
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