Water is our necessity and water purifiers are must for pure drinking water

by Neha Rastogi Author

The world has been suffering from acute shortage of water this means that even though our planet Earth is 70% covered with water, only less than 1% of water is actually usable by us. Even this usable 1% of water is unhygienic to use unless processed correctly. It has been noted that water pollution has become the leading cause of diseases. Water is referred to as polluted when contaminants infest water making it non-consumable by humans, even organisms like fish cannot live in polluted water. Polluted water cannot be used in farming too as it may destroy the growth of crops due to its acidic or salinity levels.

 Naturally occurring events like volcanoes, storms, and earthquakes cause major changes in water quality and the ecological state of water. Largely, it has been recorded that man made activities have created drastic changes by adding new sources for water contamination, via industrial waste and domestic waste. Even naturally occurring spring water that was considered to be safe for all practical purposes must now be tested before usage.

 Depending on the source, water can be highly contaminated from over-head tanks with heavy metals, chemicals and biological impurities. Water stored too long in such containers may breed many viruses. 

 Water purification refers to the process of removing these pollutants. Some of the pollutants that you may find in your water include chemicals, biological waste, and suspended impurities. It is safe to have water purified to ensure the contaminants are not consumed or used in anyway that will affect health. Diseases such as Cholera, Jaundice, Diarrhea, Typhoid, food poisoning, etc. are commonly know diseases that are caused by consumption of impure water. 

 The goal is to produce pure water that is fit for human consumption. Water is disinfected for various reasons, besides human consumption, it is used for chemical and industrial applications, medical, and pharmacological purposes.

 Water purification reduces the concentration of particulate matter which may include suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses as well as dissolved materials from the surface that are carried from runoff due to rain.

 Water standards are created by government regulators and set by international standards. These standards usually include minimum and maximum concentrations of contaminants, depending on the intended purpose of water use. Visual inspection will not help simple procedures like boiling or the use of activated carbon may not be just sufficient for treating water especially from an unknown source.

 Water from taps can contain bacteria, rust, sand and many a times even chemicals and dissolved salts that can only be eliminated by the best water purifier in India. Besides bacteria & virus, water from bore-well can harbor some of the deadliest known chemicals & metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, lead & many dissolved salts, this is a reality as ground water has become contaminated due to the increase in usage of pesticides and insecticides in farming. With the unique technology that powers Kent's Mineral RO water purifiers; you can turn contaminated water into pure drinking water. It is better to be safe with Kent Mineral RO water purifier than be sorry and hospitalized.  









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