Use your brain, it ain't forbidden!

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant
If you can read, it means your brain still works. Thanks for your time! 

When people think about the best stuff in Germany, they think about: 
soccer, beer, cars, etc.

But in the last years, I found another thing : the chairs.

We were all sitting so straight, so stiff & tried to be focused...with german discipline.

I had jetlag, but all because I kept struggeling with my chair, trying to stay awake throughout the years before I was ready to send this information to you.

But right now we can relax, so let's raise or glass to big upcoming news.

To our bright future together and to the absence of the german chairs. CHEERS! 

"THEY" are stealing the REAL VALUE we produce and give us in exchange money, which is just a social contract, absolute worthless, zero value, zip, nada.

And once we are sleeping on our feet... they can maneuver us like dumb machineries, to work for money they give us from their right pocket, then tax us into their left pocket until we are pennyless, then we ought to work again to get some more money to make a living, that they obviously manage to take it back fast, so we remain without anything & have to work again FOR "THEM".

  • And THEY control us through social fear imposed by mediocrity.

Who are "THEY"? ... you may ask! ... well, you elect them every year again -

YOU NEED to support the good upcoming changes that are going to happen in technology for the environment protection & preservation and,
"Raise, be the genius you are, do something with your life, stop fearing, there's nothing to fear".  

Use your brain, it ain't forbidden!
Think BIG  &  ACT Fast

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Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
National Numbering Agency ISIN Organization has assigned to "Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding" an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) in 2015, which became an important step ahead for the project development.

The main objective of this procedure is standardization of securities and other financial instruments within one system, distribution of these data to all participants of the stock market. Calculations and precise clearing are impossible without ISIN, that's why they are used in all branches of finances.

Establishing the existence of a company's securities simplifies operations with them in international clearing processes and settlement systems which use automatic systems of processing and transfer of information. Thus, the fact that a company has an International Securities Identification Number increases its attractiveness for private and qualified investors.


ISIN of Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding Ltd - VGG322291094. It can be checked @ the independent database of ISIN:
Mar 26th 2017 17:31    Edited in Mar 26th 2017 17:34
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