Use Pomegranate Juice To Get A Flawless Outer Skin

by Ransi Plick Website Owner

Up till many years, the use of organic pomegranate juice was limited only to cure those bed-ridden patients in the hospital which required a miraculous natural remedy. However, the modern researches have proved that this organic elixir is the one that could be favored in everyday human use for the long-term benefits.

One of the superb benefits of this healthy organic juice is its effect on the human skin to rejuvenate it. Organic pomegranate Juice consists of various healthy nutrients which are no less than miracles for the human body.

Many of these healthy nutritional elements are even favorable to secure the outer appearance of the body, in terms of securing the skin off the disorders. The healthy nutrients present in pomegranate juice which favor the human skin are as follows:

·        Vitamin E:  A majority of the skin benefits acquired from pomegranate juice are due to presence of antioxidant Vitamin E. This nutrient benefits in protecting the skin from the effects of harmful sunrays, thereby neutralizing the effects of detrimental free radicals that damage the human skin. Vitamin E also helps in securing the skin from inflammations and fosters faster healing of wounds. A cup of organic pomegranate juice could contain about 1.8 mg of Vitamin E, which is about 12 percent of the recommended daily intake for humans.

·        Vitamin C: Vitamin C present in the organic pomegranate juice has a multitude of benefits and one of these is prevention and protection of human skin. Vitamin C too helps in securing the skin from the perils of harmful sunrays and it also reduces wrinkles in the skin. Besides, this healthy nutrient may help in synthesis of collagen, which is a protein, essential for the health of human skin and teeth. A cup of pomegranate juice could contain about 31 mg of Vitamin C for the body-benefits.

·        Zinc: Zinc is one of the major minerals found in pomegranate juice, which helps to promote healthy human skin. It promotes the development of basal cells, the predecessors of mature skin tissues. In addition, an intake of zinc-rich food products may facilitate the healing of outer wounds of the body. Zinc could also help in activation of superoxide dismutase, which is an antioxidant protein to prevent damage of skin. A cup of pomegranate juice is capable of offering about 1.1 mg of zinc for the body benefits.

·        Copper: Copper is yet another mineral in the pomegranate juice that facilitates cosmetic benefits in the human body. It is responsible for production of melanin which offers the human skin, eyes and hair their characteristic color. Copper may offer anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin and also helps in production of mature collagen, the elements which strengthen the skin tissues. A cup of pomegranate juice contains about 481 micrograms of copper for the human body benefits.

All these invigorating minerals foster the beauty of human skin and prevent the disorders that could mar your outer appearance. 

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