Use Molecular Sieve 5A for Effective Moisture Control

by Gaurav Patel Chemicals Industry

Understanding Molecular Sieve 5A

Molecular Sieve, as everyone knows, is a commonly used desiccant for the effective removal of vapour molecules from packages/containers, purification of gas streams, and last but not the least, in the chemical separation of compounds in labs. Molecular Sieve 5A, as the name suggests, is categorized by evenly-sized pores of 5A or 5 angstrom. The main feature of this type of Molecular Sieve desiccant is that it can absorb all molecules having a pore size smaller than 3A and 4A. Molecules, which are larger than 5A cannot pass through these Molecular Sieve beads and are therefore, left behind. This is the mechanism employed by Molecular Sieve 5A to remove all vapour/impurities from natural gas streams and closed spaces.

Molecular Sieve 5A has the chemical formula 0.7CaO•0.30Na2O•Al2O3•2.0SiO2•4.5H2O and contains Silica and alumina in the ratio of SiO2/ Al2O3.

Main Uses of Molecular Sieve 5A

While there are many uses of Molecular Sieve 5A, mentioned below are few of the most important ones:

1)  In the Petroleum sector: Molecular Sieve 5A finds great use in the petroleum industry where it is mainly utilized for keeping the gas streams moisture-free. The presence of vapour molecules in the natural gas streams does not work out well for the industry as it may lead to ice formation and corrosion. Liquid and natural gas pass through Molecular Sieve 5A beds where the moisture is absorbed and the vapour-free natural gas moves forward.

2)  In the Hydrocarbon sector: 5Å molecular sieves are employed to isolate oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen from different mixtures for further analysis. This type of Molecular Sieve is also used for the desulfurization and decarbonisation of gases. Molecular Sieve 5A is known to be useful in separating oil-wax n-hydrocarbons from branched and poly cyclic hydrocarbons.

3)   In the Health-care sector: Molecular Sieve 5A is used in the medical sector to remove moisture molecules from various types of medical applications like oxygen generators. The Molecular Sieve works in such a manner the oxygen generator is completely purified and provides long-lasting service. The presence of vapour and other impurities can greatly affect the working of the oxygen generator and other medical appliances.

The major benefit of opting for Molecular Sieve 5A as an absorbent/desiccant is that it can be used more than once. That is because this form of Molecular Sieve can be regenerated by heating at high temperatures of 200-300 degree Celsius. When Molecular Sieve 5A is heated, all the vapour molecules and other adsorbed molecules like C3-C14, CH3L, CHF3, CF4, CF3CL, CF4, (CH3)NH2 and dichlorodifluoro-methane is released. 

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