Upholstery Fabric: Why Essential and Different Kinds of Upholstery Fabric

by Peter J. Blogger
An upholstered furniture has five main parts-springs, frame, padding, materials covering it called upholstered fabric and cushions. However, there are many people who think upholstery to be the material only-the fabric, which covers the furniture. It in fact refers to all things besides the framing i.e. the springs, stuffing, cushions and covering material.

A furniture upholstery determines a lot on how it feels and looks. To a huge degree, it even determines the price. It in fact determines whether a furniture feels soft or firm. The quality and type of upholstery even determines how the furniture upholstery is going to last.

Upholstery fabric

An upholstery fabric is very essential:

  • It has a huge role to play in creating the furniture style, which it covers

  • The cleaning delicacy and requirements or durability basically play a big role in the kind of use, which the furniture is right for & the energy, time and cost involved in maintaining it. 

  • Its price usually represents the biggest percentage of cost

It is for all these that it is a great idea to know about the different attributes of various materials, which are used for upholstering furniture.

Upholstery fabric types :

Animal fibers: Silk represents elegance but it is not good for heavy use. Wool is quite a durable choice and  presently its used in blends for increasing the versatility.

Plant fibers: There are different kinds of fabrics, which are made up of cotton and are used as upholstery fabric in Sydney. You can get cotton fabrics in variety from rougher ones such as sailcloth, denim and canvas to lighter & delicate fabrics such as gingham, toile and chintz. Linen is however not used much because it has a tendency to wrinkle.

Synthetic fiber : A lot of synthetic fibers are used for making upholstery such as acrylics, acetates, polyester, nylon, rayon, polypropylene and vinyl. Synthetics are mostly blended with the natural fibers for a better wear.

Polypropylene, nylon and acetate generally fade in natural light. Polyester and acrylic both have wool-like feel. Polyester is also like silk.

Animal hide : Tanned hides wears 4-7 times better than fabric. When it does not wear out, it changes in look. At times, leather is used on pillows and cushions of a furniture while inexpensive, matching vinyl is used on rest as means of cost cutting.

Special kinds of fabrics : Not much used as upholstery fabric in Australia are the embroidered ones & pile fabrics like velvet, which have a short, thick pile in some configurations on a side. The features, which add up to the cost of the upholstery fabric can even contribute to its inability of wearing well. For example, hand embroidery, is caught on things more easily & torn than woven fabric. An upholstery wear may depend basically on how a piece of furniture is used & accordingly the fabric type needs to be chosen.

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