Tummy Tuck Surgery in India proves to be advantageous

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Are you looking forward to get rid of excess abdominal skin and fat? Then you can consider opting for a tummy tuck surgery. This is a type of cosmetic surgery, which aims to remove the excess fat from your belly.

Tummy Tuck Surgery – What it is

Tummy tuck surgery is actually a method to remove the extra skin and fat from your abdomen. This procedure can re-establish or separate weakened abdominal muscles as well. At the end of the surgery, you get a smoother, flatter, and firmer abdomen. The surgeon makes a horizontal incision at the lower abdomen, at a region just above your pubic hairline. The length of the incision usually depends on the amount of extra skin you wish to get removed.

If you want to remove a large quantity of excess fat or skin, then a larger incision needs to be made. After the incision is done, the skin is dissected and the muscle is tightened. Then the surgeon repositions the tummy button and removes the excess skin. If the incision needs to be too long, sometimes, the surgeon extends the loose skin toward the back. To make sure that you don’t feel any pain, the full procedure is done under the vigilance of an experienced anaesthesiologist. The whole procedure takes very short time, ranging from 1 to 3 hours, depending upon the amount of extra skin to be removed. After the surgery is done, the surgeon keeps you under observation for some time, and when you reach a stable condition, he allows you to leave the clinic.

A very common side effect after the surgery is coming out of fluids. So, the healthcare assistants will provide you with the necessary tools for removing the fluid.

Types of tummy tuck surgery in India

In India, the surgeons do mainly three major types of tummy tuck surgery, depending on your condition, which are as follows:

1. Circumferential abdominoplasty: If you have considerable amount of excess fat at the back area and the abdomen, then this type of surgery will be done. One benefit with this type is the excess skin and fat in your abdomen and hips get removed, thus improving your body contour.

2. Partial abdominoplasty: If you want to have any moderate contour change in the tummy, then this surgery procedure will be applied on you. This surgery is done majorly on individuals with minor weakness on the abdominal wall or small amount of excess skin. In this type, the navel incision is avoided.

3. Complete abdominoplasty: In this surgery, the incision is done above your pubic hairline for removal of excess skin. The rectus abdominis muscle is tightened, and liposuction is also done at the time of surgery to remove the excess fat.

You can consider performing the weight loss surgery India. The country boasts of class I qualified surgeons, who implement cutting edge technology and treatments to make your physique look better. The cost of surgery is also lower compared to the expenditure in other parts of the world. You get experienced doctors and hospital facilities at a nominal cost.

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