The tools you will need to repair a cell phone

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Cell phones, mobiles, Smartphones and MacBooks are irresistible part of our daily life. So the repairing and maintaining of these smart gadgets is the field of vast career opportunities. This field requires an expertise knowledge of this smart technology and a good quality tool kit to help you in the task. Here in this article we are going to enlist  the different types of tools or equipments which are necessary. One need not buy or possess all of them; actually it is depended over the level of your skill are you just an average mechanic to solve the general problems or a master technician who can deal with advanced troubleshooting. The list of recommended tools may be given as follows:

·         Opening tools: This set of tool contains various screw drivers, openers and tweezers. While screw drivers and openers are used to open the case, the tweezers are used to hold and lift any part of a gadget while repairing the other one.

·         Cleaning and servicing tools: to clean the dust and other particles on the Phone circuit board (PSB) there is need of small brushes, Iso Propyl Alcohols or circuit cleaner. For deep cleaning in the case of the PSB short circuit, a technician usually apply the ultrasonic clearance machine.

·         Testing and checking tools:

o   Multimeter: Available in two types,digital and analog, the multimeters are used to diagnose the PSB’s broken tracks.

o   Screen repair tolls: While performing an iPad Repair SanDiago, or any other mobile  LCD repair there is needed to separate the cracked part from the other body. For this a specific glass separator machine and some other supporting tools are required.

·         Soldering and Desoldering tools: This set of mobile or MacBook Repair Service San Diego  includes the following items:

o   Rework station: This is used for heating and replacing chips and discharging  the soldered components on a PSB.

o   Soldering Irons: It is needed for soldering and Desoldering the  parts on PSB as well as for making the jumpers..

o   Soldering Flux: is used for applying on the edges of ICs while heating and removing them.

o   Solder wire: this is also a soldering component, but you should always aware about using the lead free one as the lead is a health hazardous component.

o   Jumper wire: This copper wire is applied to make jumpers between the two points of an open track.

·         Some miscellaneous tools:  in this category there are different tool are includes such as, nose pliers, PCB holders, lamp, magnifying glass, DC supply (battery charger),and some more equipments according to the situation.

For efficient and successful operation of mobile and MacBook Repair,  it is highly recommended to apply the ESD safe tools and equipments. Don’t forget that good quality tools are the first condition for the effective and efficient service. So always prefer to buy the quality tools from a trusted manufacturer. In the near future, there are no chance of reducing the use and popularity of the smart gadgets, so one can secure his career in cell phone repairing sector just by providing the quality service to his clients.

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