The Importance of Horoscope Matching

by Amit Tripathi Relationship Writer
When matching horoscope for matrimony, often enough, you would be questioning the reason behind making a match based on the birth charts. The most important thing to understand is – horoscopes are essentially life patterns, which are repeated over and over again. The birth of a person confirms his/her horoscope – the time, place and date of birth can result in the person being told a number of extremely well-kept secrets of the past, and events of the future. The art of horoscope lie with the fact that, generally, it is analyzed based on the position the stars which are in certain houses of the horoscope chart.

How are horoscopes matched?

While matching horoscopes, the chart which is generally used to match is the navamsha chart, which is supremely important. Through the matching procedure, one must also match the gunas. There are in total 36 gunas according to the horoscope chart, and anything over 18 to around 30 is considered to be a good match. If less than 18 gunas are matched, then the bride and groom might not be too suited to one another. On the other hand, if more than 30 gunas match, then their fates and nature might be too similar. There are certain feature, where it is better if the guna does not match. These things are important while contemplating matching horoscopes.

Why is horoscope matching important in matrimony?

Whether you are contemplating an arranged match, or you are in love with someone, and wanting to marry, a horoscope match can effectively let you know whether that person will make your life a better place or not. You can also have a preconceived notion about who you might prefer getting married to. Every star sign come with a set of characteristics that might/might not be compatible with another specific star sign. It is said that if horoscopes do not match, then one should not marry the individual. This should not be the case. Horoscope matching is done to explain the course of life one might have to take should someone chooses to marry a particular individual and how their conjoined life might shape up after matrimony. It is also a sort of filter which can help the individual choose a prospective match from the huge number of options generally provided in a matrimony site.

What if my horoscope does not match?

However, for those who are worried that their horoscope have not matched, do not worry. In astrology, the equation for a good life is simple –

Karma + Luck = Results in Life Path

So, as long as you are doing good karma, helping others, loving people and doing what you have set out to do, you can yourself change your destiny. Also, there are certain stones that you can wear before and/or after marriage, in order to ensure that your luck is improved significantly. Rather than obsessing over the horoscope, find out the family of the person you intend to marry, his/her choices, friends, past – to have a better idea whether you will suit or not.

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