The Fanny Pack Is Back!

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One of the big iconic fashions from the 1980s and 1990s was the fanny pack. Those of us old enough to remember those days remember that they were everywhere. Most of them weren’t very pretty, but they were convenient. And they weren’t even generally worn over the fanny, either, but the name stuck, all the same. Then, they fell out of fashion, and even worse – they became an object of ridicule, like wearing socks with sandals. But as many trends do, the fanny pack is making a comeback with designers – including some that sell for hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

More formally called hands-free bags or belted satchel, the new generation of fanny packs are far and away beyond anything worn in the previous generation. (Though, naturally, the old style is easy enough to find for those who want to go really retro.) These new bags have appeared on fashion show runways, worn by beautiful models of both genders, sporting them the same way they would fine jewelry or the latest evening gown. They may not be called fanny packs, but they are exactly the same thing – and the re-branding is making headway. Even a few famous people have been seen wearing the telltale satchels from their belts.

This may well be the time for the return of 80s fashions. After all, leggings have come back in a big way, so why not the fanny pack, as well? These are not the fanny packs your parents had. They are sleekly made, often of satin or leather (or even alligator skin), rather than the old nylon. Yes, they cost more than the nylon bags, but they also look so much better. For those looking to keep a budget, however, there are still some less expensive models that manage not to look cheap at all. Where there are new fashions, there are always knockoffs, as well.

The beauty of the fanny pack is its practicality. They have all the uses of a purse, but there’s no need to worry about carrying it around, or even worse, putting it down and losing it. They are pretty much impossible to steal, as well. Not only that, but they look as good on men as they do on women, meaning guys can finally have that extra carrying space for those things they just don’t want to leave at home. The right bag can look great with an easy casual look.

It’s easy enough to dismiss these new trends as fads that will pass away soon, but when designers with such great names as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Prada begin to show an interest in a certain trend, that’s often a good sign it has some staying power. Naturally, the fanny pack with a Gucci label will cost a great deal more than one that does not have that name, but there’s no reason those who don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare can’t get one of the aforementioned knockoffs. Have no fear – this is not your parents’ fanny pack anymore.

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