by Tony Rocha Casetronyx, Inc. - CEO
This article intends to be an open letter not only to all Bux4Real members but also to all members of "Get Paid To" sites out there.

I'm the former owner of Bux4Real, a site that I created with the intention to transform an industry full of scammers and lies, with a very few


After almost three Months of large investments and fighting against all sort of problems, I received an offer to sell the site, that was very high

ranked, a Google PR4 and, according Alexa, among the world's top 2.5K web properties.I sold the site two Months ago.

The site was sold to an Indian "off-line" company and I can't disclose more about that as I have a signed NDA with them, despite of being cleared scammed according my lawyers.

I received 20% of the agreement value as a down payment and the agreement was to use the site to advertise some business of mine and receive the remaining

80% in 8 payments, starting on July 18th.

For my terrible surprise, so far I did not receive nothing more, ir seems the site is not payment the members and I simply can't contact the buyers no matter how much I try.

I'm a seasoned entrepreneur and have my lawyers on it.I have nothing to do and Now it's a problem for them.

But I wanna talk about the thousands of members that, just like me, were fooled around and lost their time and money.

I'm the one that lost more in this "disaster". Hundreds of thousands dollars. Maybe I can recover it from the scammers in some years from now, maybe not.

My first will, despite of not being responsible for that, was to pay from my own pocket what was set by the new owner as "reserved balance". Money generated by members while I was

the owner but that became responsibility of the new owner to pay. But I simply have no means to do that. I have no access. No info. No database.

My good friend Engineer Mayur Gondalia was fired last week (he is back working with me since yesterday...when I was aware of the problem).

This terrible fact just shows, one more time, how "dirty" is this industry.

I may be able to recover the domain name (using legal means), as a co-founder of the registrar company that still keep the records. I'll try that hard as it's is a PR4.

But what will I be able to do with that? I have no idea. Seems a nothing...useless.

I own a new site that's is an advertisement network and somehow related to this niche. Due the exposed fact, my new site will have deep improvements and

changes to the benefit of all my members.

Well my friends...I strongly suggest that we all learn with this so painful lesson. The "Get Paid To" industry is a HUGE LIE!!! Only a very few companies were and

still are able to do a serious and honest work in this niche.

As the "top" scammed member of this online tragedy, I hope you all think very carefully before entering in a new venture like that.

Thanks for reading,

Tony Rocha - CEO

Casetronyx, Inc.
8880 Rio San Diego Drive
Rio Vista Tower.
8th Floor Office 17
San Diego, CA 92108
Twitter: @RealTonyRocha (Verified Account)

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Beyond Eleven Magnate I   Fresh Money Making Ideas
I used to be SCAMMED too but since then i've learned the TRUTH about these type of COMPANIES !
Jul 20th 2011 03:05   
Tony Rocha Senior  Casetronyx, Inc. - CEO
My lawyer firm is about to let me disclose the name of the NDA may have lost the value. I'll post in all details as soon as I have it...
Jul 20th 2011 03:11   
Tony Rocha Senior  Casetronyx, Inc. - CEO
Now the site is down.... the probable read my posts here, Twitter and BizOppers... I'll do all I can to disclose the name of this company... I'm sure I'll be able to...
Jul 20th 2011 03:12   
Tony Rocha Senior  Casetronyx, Inc. - CEO
My lawyer firm just allowed me to disclose the name of the the NDA lost the legal value:

Darshak Goti
Penelec Technical Services
Old Padra Road, Atladara
Vadodara 390012
Jul 20th 2011 04:02   
Nicole Rutten Advanced   Internet en eBusiness, writer
I still can learn a lot I see,
thanks for this info
Jul 20th 2011 05:47   
Tony Rocha Senior  Casetronyx, Inc. - CEO
Hi Nicole...stay away from sites like that. This was the most insane and wrong move of my online ventures. Luckily I was able to pay all pending payment requests while I was the owner.At the time I was approached to sell the site, due diligence's pointed nothing against the buyer. I received the down payment and now this... that I consider a "tragedy". So far I can't even know if the papers and documents used to close the deal with me are real or fake. I'm going to have my lawyers on it no matter what. It's really a terrible scenario...
Jul 20th 2011 05:57   
Cristina M. Junior  Studying
Tony, as a rule of thumb I never invest any of my own money (because I have none to start with, anyway, *wink*), but when you were in charge I had high hopes on the site and was able to learn a few things, being me a bit green on this type of stuff. Just to let you know that the only thing I invested was the gift you gave to all, because of the "Parábola dos Talentos". I guess you might be recognizing me now. :) Aside that, the only thing I lost was the time spent (and consequently my earnings). I hope that you and your lawyers give to that fdp (sorry for the acronym!) all what he deserves, with interest (juros). Go get him :)
Jul 20th 2011 07:50   
feedsco Junior  
Tony, what do you plan to do now with the bux4real domain? It's really sad to see the efforts you put into this site to establish it go to waste because of a deal made with shady individuals.
Jul 20th 2011 08:10   
Syed Murtaza Gillani Senior  Internet Marketing Consultant
Tony, really sad to read this all.. may b we can't get back the time we invested.. anyways.. best of luck with your plans..
Jul 20th 2011 08:50   
Milena Stojkovic Advanced   Internet & eBusiness
I was just disappointed.
From this site I expected a lot.
Yesterday I was supposed to get paid, but here's how it ended.
This is already the 10-site that you cheated on me ...
But I cheated on some sites that I have received payment.
Jul 20th 2011 09:05   
Stoyan Stoyanov Innovator  home
Yes I lost a lot of money on this site. After Tony sold it. While he was owner of the site was very good. Tony made ​​a new site, but not sell it.
Jul 20th 2011 09:13   
Rita Vanlommel Junior  
Thank you for telling us the truth about bux4Real.
I had a lot of hope this site would be honest and I believed in it.
I regret you sold it but... done is done.
I hope to find a good site wher I can earn money in a honest way.
Maybe you can tip me ???
Thank you and succes with your actions
Kind regards
Jul 20th 2011 09:46   
Nestorm Malaysia Advanced   International Sales Advisor
Mr Tony Rocha, thanks a lot for your info. I was wondering why I can't login into B4R and when I browse it, I can only saw Clixsense Homepage. I already expected this to happen when Mayur Gondaliya was fired and left B4R. I also read an articles written by Mayur Gondaliya thru' his site telling the truth about PTC's site. Anyway,thanks for your updates Mr Tony.
Jul 20th 2011 09:55   
Nestorm Malaysia Advanced   International Sales Advisor
Miss Aiza, Mr Tony also in the same boat like us. Now, we have to forget about B4R earnings. The new owner ran away. So sad but that is the truth.
Jul 20th 2011 10:01   
Adam Son Junior  E-Lancer
I thought B4R would be the best bux site that i could imagine, but i was wrong. I was a serious B4R member since it was born and I prioritized it to the top list of bux sites. I spent much of my time, money and energy to B4R than any other PTC/GPT sites.. Now my hope for B4R is gone.
Jul 20th 2011 10:07   
Aiza Mercado Junior  
Too bad :( Haaaaaaaay. Thanks sir
Jul 20th 2011 10:12   
Adnan Ad Junior  Ada
@ Tony
Can you tell me,Now do you have domain access?
Jul 20th 2011 10:34   
Marlau G. Committed   webmaster, Online C- Generator
thanks for letting us know the truth.
Jul 20th 2011 11:19   
Gregory Osborne Committed   Online Marketing Entrepreneur...
I also put in quite a bit of promotion effort into this site, second time that I've been burned by this type of site... In another similar site I worked to sign-up 10 people only to find out that they also , SIMPLY DO NOT PAY...
You Live and Continue To Learn...(how to accept being burnt)... OUCH...
Jul 20th 2011 11:23   
Pierce Meyers Advanced   Network Marketer
First things first. Terms of Service. All are universal and 'use at your own risk' This PTC industry is filled with upsets, dishonest admins, server crashes, payment processor accounts locking admins cash, internet
connection problems etc.

NEVER rely on the money you think your going to get until it's in your pocket.

I have been clicking PTC's for several years and have gone through dozens of
programs that have all done the same thing, Failed. I do click at several
long term sites and even still I do not rely on that money until it is in my
payment processor for me to use. Until then it is just an investment of
time in the hopes it works.

I had been clicking at Bux4real for only a few months and had requested
my first cashout and see I will never get it. Oh well, I did not expect any
less. Even an honest admin can have problems.

Be realistic with your goals. I love PTC's and make money monthly with
them. I do not expect them to make me rich and neither should you.
Jul 20th 2011 11:40   
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