The Biggest Triggers When It Comes to Eczema

by Simon Hopes Author

Many people wonder what are the biggest factors in getting eczema on your skin.  It is a common issue in our society today.  People are affected by the harmful itchy effects of eczema.  The biggest triggers for eczema to appear is dry skin, which causes your skin to become brittle, hard, rough and tight, which causes an increase in eczema flare-ups. 


Another factor is irritants caused by natural everyday products that we buy in the grocery store and substances as well.  Dish soap, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, surface cleaners for cleaning the sink, and disinfectants such as hand sanitizers will tend to dry out the skin and cause eczema to appear.  Even natural juices from red meat, fresh fruits such as oranges, and vegetables can also trigger eczema as well.


Stress is a major factor


Stress is another major trigger that happens in our everyday life.  Eczema tends to thrive when we are under great emotional stress.  Our bodies are extremely tight, we feel a huge amount of pressure on our shoulders.  Hot and cold temperatures along with sweating can also cause eczema to flare up in our bodies and our skin as well. 


Eczema tends to have a prickly sensation when the weather is hot or people are sweating a lot after going to the gym to work out or performing a high intensity workout that tends to make the body perspire a lot more due to water being lost in the body.  Infection is another huge trigger for people who are prone to having eczema. 


Bacteria and viruses that are present in our environment infects the eczema on our bodies and makes it worse.  Ringworm, athlete's foot, fungus, cold sores, and fever blisters are common triggers that starts eczema infections. 


Allergens is not your friend


Allergens are another major trigger for the spread of eczema on our bodies if it is weak.  Seasonal pollen, dandruff, mold, pet dander from cats and dogs and dust mites from under our beds can cause a large increase in allergic reactions and flare-ups of eczema. 


It tends to prolong the eczema to stay on our skins for a lot longer due to our bodies being weak and resistant.  Hormones are another trigger in the spread of eczema.  It is unnatural substances in our body that causes certain hormones in our body to increase or decrease rapidly.  Our body has a hard time adjusting right away. 


Cigarette smoke, pollen and even the clothes that you wear daily can also trigger eczema to flare up.

Eczema is a skin condition that causes red swollen and itchy patches in your human skin.   Identifying the major triggers that causes eczema can help you to prevent getting eczema on a regular basis. 

Acidic foods such as citrus, pineapple, and tomatoes are known to be highly acidic and cause eczema to become itchy and flare up.  Ketchup, peppers, hot sauce, eggplant, and tobacco are other trigger foods to avoid as well.  Pasta sauce, peanuts, superfood goji berries, and tobacco are other trigger foods that causes eczema to flare up in the body. 

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