The Best At "Personal Development and Self Improvement"

by Harold Lamma Entrepreneur-CPC,CELC
Being the best at Personal Development and Self Improvement starts at the core of our belief system.
This is something many do not take lightly. As we move through life, we are bombarded with all sorts of stuff; much of what we may not agree with.

It has been noted:

1. It is a personal choice
2. It is derived by some sort of compassion
3. It is warranted through a personal vision
4. It is driven through passion
5. It complements the individual
6. It builds strength and character
7. It is fun to do

Unlike traditional education; personal development and self improvement may liken itself to experiences of life, and reveal itself through principle. It seems there is an awareness of something which must be changed and or developed-usually it is the persons life, or circumstances which requires this.

The best at anything in life takes extreme concentration, and focus; to say the least!
Personal Development, and Self Improvement is an ongoing process which can take many years to master. It is not like a skill which must be learned in a factory to perform a certain task. It is more like a seed which is planted in the ground-with the right conditions and environment-it blossoms into a beautiful flower.

Personal Steps Needed To Develop:

1. Desire
2. Willingness
3. Attitude- the correct one
4. Drive
5. Understanding of needed change
6. Purpose
7. Appreciation

Relationships are key to all success and failure in life. How we approach, perceive, and acknowledge everything in life; will determine the outcome of all of what we are searching for in life.

There seems to be a connection to wanting, and having more out of our personal life, which seems to be the driving force to make this decision or choice. The human condition is always searching for answers to the questions of life! Many people are not satisfied with mediocrity and complacency; so they take on the challenge to become more, and better at who they are.

To become satisfied with our lives, and the best of life; many people take on this journey. The expanse of knowledge and understanding which is gained through this process is like an endorphin excreted into the brain. From personal experience; the feeling is good; which seems to fulfill a longing for something missing.

There are many ways to attain Personal Development And Self Improvement; much of which is already available to us.

What to do:

1. Make the decision or choice
2. Do not give up
3. Always move forward
4. Be aware of everything around you
5. Observe- without forming personal opinion
6. Set realistic personal goals
7. Use what you learn daily

Personal Development and Self Improvement should always be used to serve others as the final objective.
Greatness can be derived with this approach; As the student ask the Master: Master how do we achieve greatness? The Master answered and said unto him: "To achieve greatness you must find a way to serve the many; as service to many leads to greatness."

How to:

1. Read quality books on subject
2. Join a group or an organization which teaches these principles
3. Do on-line searches for information
4. Get a Mentor
5. Make friends with other like minded people
6. Use Spiritual aspects of Principle
7. Experience life outside
8. Observe nature and the Universe

In closing; we can be confident that Personal Development and Self Improvement is an worthy ideal. It is one of the most fulfilling things we can do; as we honor ourselves and our Creator; by being the best at who we are. Life itself has more meaning, and is more enjoyable as we appreciate, and grow in wisdom.


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