Task of a neurologist of Kolkata

by Micle Cleark seo
The neurologist of Kolkata deals or specializes in the treatment of the one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the human body; the nerves. The process of treatment is conducted very carefully.

A neurologist is a specialist physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment related to the disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system of the human body comprises of some of indispensible organs such as the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and includes a wide variety of conditions that affect anything from motor functioning to cognitive skills. Usually, it is a general physician who refers a patient to the neurologist and they he begins the treatment. At the very first appointment with this specialist doctor he would generally want to get familiar with the medical history of the patient. He will also properly evaluate and analyse the nervous system. It might include the testing of the patient’s reflexes coordination, gait, sensory capabilities, motor skills, cranial nerves, and cognitive function. By getting acquainted with the medical background of the patient he can well conclude or determine whether this nerve problem is hereditary or not and precisely what the suitable method of treatment is.

According to a senior neurologist of Kolkata, he has to deal with a number of different conditions and cases of various patients. It may include the very common problems such as headaches, infections or sleeplessness to more serious disorders such as epilepsy, strokes, dementia, seizures, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, neuromuscular disorders, and head trauma. They have to study each and every case very minutely because it is related to the nervous system of the body. Any wrong medication or treatment can damage the nerves and the patient may get paralysed or even die. They would also consult other specialists, prescribe medicines and even suggest for the surgical procedure. The patients are also sent to the physical therapists assisting in the improvement of motor skills, coordination, and reflexes. The neurologists also have to deal with critical patients such as they examine the unresponsive patients who are on life support.  The doctor basically evaluates the condition of the patient and confirms the facts if the brain is ceased to function or not. The nerves are the most delicate part of the body; hence the treatment process must be done extremely carefully.

Although the neurologists specialize in treatment all types of nerve disorders, there may be some who specialize in certain parts of the nervous system, as well as those who specialize in performing specific procedures. As for instance the one who is a clinical neurophysiologist specializes in using electro diagnostic techniques to diagnose certain neurological disorders. One can also become a neurological surgeon when he or she studies neurology and also do Masters in surgery. The general neurologist would ask the patient to consult a neurosurgeon when he feels that operation is necessary to treat the specific neurological disorder. Truly, the neurologists have to perform a wide range of duties and they have additional responsibility on their shoulders. Apart from examining the new patients, they have to meet with other specialist doctors to know the case history and also follow up patient’s progress. They have to attend emergency cases during the night and at irregular hours.  

The author is a senior neurologist of Kolkata, who also performs crucial surgeries and have also dealt with many severe nerve disorders.

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