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by Roma Thakur Tarot Card Reader
A tarot reading is very easy. Buy a book and you get a deck of tarot cards free. Sit down with your friends and spread the cards. Let someone pick up a card. Turn it face up. Ok so it is the Empress. Turn the pages of the book to where the Empress card is described and read out the section in relation to the question posed by the subject who picked the card. What could be simpler, you wonder. 

Tarot is not a parlor game though it started as one way back in the fifteenth century. Somehow mystics and occult individuals took a fancy to the tarot deck of cards and used to divine and intuit, a tradition that established roots and bloomed. Tarot card readers still make use of a tarot deck with 78 cards in which 22 cards are the major arcana cards and 56 belong to the minor arcana. The difference is that major arcana cards concern important events in life while minor arcana cards relate to mundane matters. Still, alone or in combination with other cards, the actual interpretation is left to the expertise of a divinely gifted tarot card reader. 

Just as you read out of the book, commercial tarot card readers can go by the formula and give a standard reading. However, tarot is not a thermometer to measure the temperature. A spiritual power comes into play during a seance or session with the tarot card reader who becomes the earthly channel for psychic knowledge to pass through. If you find yourself in a situation that cannot be resolved by earthly means, go to a tarot reader. A session with the cards helps clear the cobwebs of confusion not only from your mind but from your life as well. In love, business, career, family and health matters it is best not to let the issue fester in your mind and ruin your life. A tarot card reader straightens out the threads of your life and puts you on the fast track to a positive life.  

You can find tarot card readers in virtually all major cities. Like astrology and other occult arts, tarot is profitable for those who practice it as a profession. Genuine tarot card readers are hard to find since only a few are the chosen ones blessed with divine powers. Find out one such and consult only this angel on earth. Your questions or wishes may not be clearly expressed but the tarot expert looks and divines your purpose and gives you pointers to pathways that lead to contentment. Thousands have consulted genuine spiritual tarot card experts and benefited by the few words of wisdom. Tarot can be life-changing if you try it once. You may just as well choose to make it a regular habit to have tarot readings regularly to ensure you are at full speed all the way through life.

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