Tagvillage and their Cause

by Elizabeth Laguardia Internet Business
By Al Tagvillager

I have been working at tagvillage almost since the very first launch of the website. To the members of tagvillage, I am the unknown staff writer who keeps things up to date in the News Room. I am also the lucky person who is the voice behind “Al Tagvillager”, the official spokesperson of tagvillage. Yeah, that’s right. I also have the lucky job of breathing life to that little yellow guy with the tie.

 Sometimes I feel the guilt that fills my gut when I think of spin stories I used to write about amazing $1 million contributions “XYZ Corporation” made this year to charity so people would think they were socially responsible, when I should have been comparing their “giving to the poor” against the $20 billion they made in profit and the $15 million their president or CEO was paid in salary. Once in a while, I realize that before I joined tagvillage, I used to revel in joy with the quarterly earnings reports on CNBC while a thirteen year old girl in Bangladesh reveled in joy over the left-over rice she found in a trash dump.

Did you know that in the USA alone, corporations generate most of the money in our economy? Yet, they pay the least in taxes and give the least to charity as a percentage of their income. In 2010, General Electric made over $14 Billion in PROFITS, yet they paid $0.00 in Taxes and donated less than 1% of it to charity. In 2009 Walmart earned over $22.1 Billion in PROFITS, yet they donated less than 1% of that to charity. The list goes on and on and on.

Here at tagvillage, we have a mission. We will lead by example. We will prove that a business can operate profitably and give at least 10% of their revenue to charity. We will show by example that business can truly be socially responsible, not just say they are. We will stand as a shining light when the big corporations of the world say “it is not possible to give that much and operate.” Isn’t it time the Google’s and Facebook’s and Walmart’s and GE’s of the world were asked to stop hoarding the revenue that could be changing the world? Isn’t it time for us to say “No, we won’t use your product if it means you get richer and fatter while children starve in Somalia!”

Every single day, I get to wake up and go to work at a place where some of the most creative and talented people in the world work. Every day I get to listen to engineers and innovators as they dream and scheme and architect the future of the Internet as we know it. Every day, I talk to our CEO and I am reminded that the only reason he is here is because he is completely, passionately working to prove business can exist for the purpose of helping people. Every day I remember why I work at tagvillage.

As I reflect on the amazing company I work for and the incredible mission we have set out to achieve, I am troubled by only one thing. The only way a business like tagvillage will reach its goal, the only way it will ever be that “shining light” in a sea of greed, is if our members take up the challenge too. We must become the example. We must help people see a better way. There are companies out there that give more than a paltry 0.90% of their PROFITS to charity. The fat cats on Wall Street will take notice if we begin to change our habits. What if people simply decided to seek out businesses that truly give?

tagvillage is on a mission. We dream of a day when corporations give large percentages of their revenues to charity. Sometimes I see how physically ill our CEO is when he realizes the overwhelming task ahead of us and asks “Are we crazy to think we even have a chance?”

Then, he rallies. He pulls the troops in and reminds them of our purpose. He reads us a story of a child in Dallas who needs a major surgery and his unemployed parents just lost their insurance. He tells us a story of a little girl in Africa who begs for food and water for her younger siblings and her dying mother in the shade of the management office of one of the most profitable diamond mines in the world. A diamond mine that is owned by one of the most profitable diamond retailers in the world. A diamond retailer that donated less than 0.003% of its PROFITS to charity in 2010.

Right after he tells us these stories, he puts his nose down and starts typing on his computer. The developers start developing. The idea people start dreaming. The marketing people start marketing. And, I lean back and think, “Yep, this is why I work at tagvillage”.

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Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
:D First of congratulations for such a great article regarding Tagvillage which is my favorite site of the 2011. I joined Tagvillage in February 2011 and earn lot of money from this single site. After a 2 months I left all other PTC sites work because I found tagvillage cover everything for me so why I continue on such useless and time consuming site. Now I am very excited regarding the new contest of $500,000 because every contest bring more money for members and more chances to win our share. Also the way we have the opportunity to buy anything in just $0.10 is amazing and people are getting unlimited earnings. I admit people must join Tagvillage and start their dream income form it. cheers and have a nice day
Sep 26th 2011 00:59   
Evans Kochulem Advanced   web designer
i have not these join these program but a am going to join it right away it looks very promising.
Sep 26th 2011 05:38   
Marko S. Professional   Web Presence Provider
This is a very good presentation about Tagvillage. I heard for site before but never have time to check it out. With this article in hand I have good reasons to join, for sure.
Sep 26th 2011 08:23   
Alisa Borek Committed   CEO of Me, Myself & I, Inc.
Love this write up and tagvillage is an incredible community to be a part of. If you haven't joined yet, WHY NOT? There is something at the Village for everyone!
Sep 26th 2011 09:37   
Elizabeth Laguardia Advanced   Internet Business
I agree. Aside from the causes, tagvillage takes good care of their members. They communicate with members also very well.
Sep 26th 2011 10:42   
Maria Fiore Pilon Senior   Water The Source Of Life
I really enjoyed reading this article and it is uplifting and very rewarding.
Sep 26th 2011 20:17   
David Mwenda Advanced  forex trader
i cause worth taking ,tagville has taken a new way to communicate with the community within it self,i like the approach
Sep 26th 2011 21:34   
naqvi Freshman  
Tag village is very owsome website... and your article clear more about their causes... i like your topic
Sep 27th 2011 02:50   
Neville Dinning Professional   Independent Consultant
Tagvillage is something that I have seen in the distance. This article outlines some noble principles, so I will be investigating further, and look forward to what I will discover.
Sep 27th 2011 09:42   
Vijaya Lakshmi Committed   Writer, Health Consultant
After reading your post, it makes me more eager to learn what is present in there. After reading some review it seems to be promising site.
Sep 27th 2011 13:17   
Rashid Mehmood Senior   Internetmaker, Article Writer
well thank your for a great article about tag village this article outlines many principles
Sep 27th 2011 13:28   
Barnali Sarkar Advanced  Website and Blog Reviewer
Tagvillage is totally a new concept to me. After reading you article and some more investigation I would like to join here and share something with those less fortunate!
Sep 27th 2011 13:59   
S. M. GOLAM SAMDANE Advanced  Proprietor of an IT Company
It's really provide great opportunity among the people around the world which is highly appreciative.
Sep 27th 2011 15:10   
Elizabeth Laguardia Advanced   Internet Business
Rodney Smith - 2011-09-26 11:06
Tagville is a great social business platform that integrates elements of facebook with some elements of Kooday where you buy and sell keywords. This platform allows you to connect with friends, family, and other associates and you can also network with other social media networks.
Sep 28th 2011 07:59   
Rizky Longdong Senior   ID Jump Networks
wow nice article there,
i think TagVillage is nice opportunities to people around the world.
Maybe next time i'll join TagVillage too.
But now i want to search and learn more about this wonderful job on search engine before i joining this site
Sep 28th 2011 10:43   
Thanapoom L. Li Committed   Tintin in Thailand
joined yesterday I think is an interesting place to learn and connect with more people around the globe
Sep 28th 2011 11:01   
Salim Benhouhou Professional   IT Support
i like tagvillage i will join
Sep 28th 2011 13:35   
Agung So Senior   Blogger
Looking forward to see the site gets bigger.
Sep 29th 2011 01:40   
Roomana Saeed Clicker Innovator  promoter
tagvillage very well communicate with members.
Sep 29th 2011 08:46   
Nasir Malik Innovator  PM seller
Tag village is something that I have seen in the distance. This article outlines some noble principles, so I will be investigating further
Sep 29th 2011 11:51   
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