Submit Article in Article Directories : The Key to Attracting Enormous Search Engine Traffic

by ketan p. SE Marketer & Internet professional

There are two main reasons why people submit to article directories. The first is because some people love to write articles. They write about the life experiences of their own, their families and their careers. The other main reason is for marketing and that is going to be focus of this article. I think that most people write articles for marketing purposes, because articles a great way to share what you know with people while they are exposed to a link to your website. If someone reads what you have to say and they want it enough to click on the link in your resource box you now have a highly targeted lead.

The great thing about article writing articles and article submission is that it doesn't take much time. If you enjoy what you write about (and hopefully you do) and you know what you're talking about than you must be able to write a good article in a half an hour. The emphasis is on "good". You do not need a lot of success if you an article with no value for the reader writes. Your article can their first impression of you and why should they click on your link if they got anything from your article? Good question, she wouldn't.

Article directories have become very very popular of late, for many reasons. One is that you can make your article ranked in the major search engines sometimes have, on one page! Another reason is that most article directories syndicate their articles using RSS feeds. Your articles have the potential for massive exposure around the web. In addition to the syndication search webmasters and newsletter owners often looking for content article directories for new and interesting material. If your article is picked up by one of them that your article can be seen by 1000s and 1000s of people. Now imagine that in your article you solve a problem for this 1000s of people, in other words, could offer value to the readers. She would like to visit your website in the hope that you have more valuable information. You never know what will happen with your article, so make sure you are providing something of value. If you are not that you do not have the full potential of the experienced will submitting articles.

It is generally best to article submission to the major article directories like because they are located and have a huge readership base. However, if you write articles for a niche you want to search for niche-specific article directories. If you do a little research you will be able to find of article directories with regard to almost every field. Even the smaller article directories like will benefit to your marketing.

All this to say, you need to write quality articles that offer a value to your potential customers and submit them to article directories. If you do this properly, you build traffic to your website and you will see a large return on the small amount of time it took to write your article.

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Jasika Marshel Senior   Project Manager
Best article @blurbpoint..
Dec 30th 2011 00:19   
Brijesh Kumar Senior   Seo Analyst and Writer
Thanks blurbpoint... really it's very helpful post on article post writing. Article writing and posting is not only for getting backlinks of any websites, it gives us extra opportunity to go ahead in the writing field, to share your ideas, your experiences and many more which we really need to share. thanks a lot... i have also written my own experiencing field of tourism, you can see here and
Dec 30th 2011 00:28   
ketan p. Senior   SE Marketer & Internet professional
Thanks @jasikamarshel & @Brijesh Kumar
Dec 30th 2011 00:31   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
It is always an advantage to write articles and submit them to search engines.
Dec 30th 2011 01:03   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
Great article and interesting service - thanks for posting/sharing! I still think I'll stick with the opportunity that I have introduced in my RevPage "Article Distribution" more than a year ago :-)
Dec 30th 2011 07:15   
Vishwajeet Kumar Magnate I   Blogger
Nice & Very Informative article, Its really true that if we use article Submission or press release, It will be an advantage for better ranking in SERPs
Dec 30th 2011 07:40   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
I have really enjoy reading this article, I also checked your site is this a one time fee for the article submission or is it monthly?
Dec 30th 2011 08:04   
ketan p. Senior   SE Marketer & Internet professional
Its a one time fee... And fee depends on package chosen by you.
Dec 30th 2011 08:13   
Toshiba Burton Senior   Social Media Consultant
Right is this done on a weekly basis
Dec 30th 2011 08:30   
ketan p. Senior   SE Marketer & Internet professional
In our plan we define total submission and submission time. Ex. you choose plan 300 then we submit 300 articles for you in 15 days, and after complication of plan you want to add new plan than you should paid extra fee. and this days we offering special discount, if you purchase our plan in this 2 days you can get 20% discount.
Dec 30th 2011 09:18   
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