Structural about clay crusher machine

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Hammer Crusher  is also called clay crusher, its structure is relatively simple. Our application is more irreversible single rotor Clay Crusher Machine mainly consists of frame , transmission, rotor and grizzly and other components.
 ⑴ rack. Clay Crusher Machine with a welded steel frame , box -type structure can also be made . Bounded along the centerline of the rotor can be divided into the rack on the lower rack of two parts , each with a bolt connection . Wherein the upper portion of the rack feed port . Internal racks and manganese ore contact parts are fitted liner . In addition, a small door in the side wall for the installation and maintenance use .
⑵ transmission . As the Clay Crusher Machine working principle is to use high-speed rotary hammer impact leaving the ore crushing, so its transmission is extremely simple , direct driven by a motor through flexible coupling spindle rotation . Spindle through aligning spherical ball bearing mounted on both sides of the rack . Bearings with grease lubricated periodically.
 ⑶ rotors. Clay Crusher Machine rotor from the spindle , disc and hammer and other components. Due to the articulated suspension hammer, so usually adopts modular rotor . Mounted on the spindle 11 discs , with the key and the spindle connection. Spacer sleeve fitted between the disc . To prevent disk axial vibration , its ends fixed with nuts. Hammer is hingedly suspended on the pin located within the disc space . Disk configuration of four pin , pin through all the disc ends with nut tightened. Equipped with 10 hammer on each pin . Set the pin on the pin sleeve to prevent axial movement of the hammer . Further , the disc has a second set of pin holes configured when worn after the hammer 20mm, it can be mounted to the second set of pin hole , crushing operation to proceed , so that the material can take advantage of the hammer .
⑷ grizzly . Clay Crusher Machine grizzly by a curved screen frame and sieve composition , set beneath the rotor. Makes up a number of blocks by the sieve , and pressed against each other using a weight fixed to the screen frame , with a small , large outer cone on the sieve mesh . Curved screen frame of the left and right portions are hung on the horizontal axis , the horizontal axis through the suspension bolt bosses outside of the rack , when the hammer wear , can be adjusted to change the vertical position of the bolt ends of the hammer and a gap size of the sieve surface , in order to ensure that the gap is in a certain range in order to ensure a certain particle size range.
Clay Crusher Machine is no specific safety device , just set up a grizzly left rack inner wall of the cavity spacing . When the non-broken into the crushing chamber , the hammer blow at the end of the row to the sieve into the cavity above the interval can be periodically removed , no parking. In addition, the hammer is hanging on the hinge pin and hammer open outward centrifugal force during high-speed rotation , when faced with broken objects , hammer can shrink back , play a protective role.

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