Stick to your determination

by Mary Li game guides

It is usually useful for us to have a retrospect on the events of the past year when a new year comes. Most of us will post a blog on Blogger or Face book to make a summary or look ahead toward the future, such as setting a goal that should be achieved in the next year, make a wish that we hope to release or some have a clear vision of career, etc. However, whether we will take a look at what we have written down in the past year. Or we would forget that we have set goals for ourselves through the year and we realize all the goal is a wish about a new year when this year ends.


A goal is a thing that we should take our best efforts to complete. But we tend to set a goal as a routine in our life. Even for some people, a goal means nothing! Actually, most of us don’t lack of goal but the determination to achieve the goal. And the successful people are those who set a goal in his mind and spare no efforts to reach! We are not people that we don’t have a dream. We just let the dream become a dream that can never come true.


One of my friends, John, he told me he would buy Runescape accounts to join Runescape last year, as he has never played online game before. The reason why he wants to set this goal is that many of his colleagues are fans of Runescape and usually talk about their achievements at lunch. But he has nothing common to talk about. However, he wants to build good relationship with his colleagues. At that time, Runescape is a very hot online game and many office workers are addicted to this game. Some people bought cheap runescape accounts to level up at night and showed their achievements during lunch time. Runescape becomes a hot topic in dining room, on bus and in the offices. If most of your classmates or colleagues played this game and they shared their experience when get together, except for you, you will find you are a different species from others. When my uncle made this decision, I didn’t feel surprised at all.


I used to get along well with my uncle, and I earned a lot last year. So I decided to buy a Runescape account for him. Runescape accounts for sale is quite common at that time. And I bought a cheap runescape account, which I think it is good for him to start a game from the very beginning. When he got the RS account, he was so glad that he began playing. He made a big progress in the first few months. When I happened to fall across him once, he told me he had a lot to talk with his colleagues and he got a lot of fun from Runescape. And he was so pride that he thought he has a gift to play Runescape that he has leveled up to 85. In September last year, he wanted to ask me for dinner to thank for my gift. He told me his great achievements on Runescape made him get promotion. As he was so good at the game, he shared his good methods among his colleague and he was so popular in the office. Moreover, when his level reached very high, he sold the account to his new colleague and bought a cheap Runescape account to level again. And they formed a team to defeat monsters when complete a tough quest, which helped them build good cooperation spirits.


I think my uncle show a good example for us. When we want to start a new thing, we should stick to it till we benefit from it. No matter what goal will you want to set in this year, you should stick to it!

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