Speed up computer is directly related to removing malware and spyware

by Aneesh Ahmad Antivirus Customer Service

The greatest shame of this generation is definitely the millions of software that is advertised to clean your computer for a meagre sum. It is advised however that the user knows what exactly he is paying for and if the software he is paying for is actually working. It is not advised to actually remove your credit card for them as the work done by these software can actually be done with the tools provided by Microsoft windows itself. Let us investigate one of the more common software available in the market, My Clean PC.


My Clean PC is one of the most prominent in the field, and they even advertise on TV. You can get a free version online and the free version just helps you detect the threat to your computer. Install it and run the App and you will realize that your computer is threatened by an alarmingly large count of problems. However, it heeds well for you the customer to know what these threats actually are.

  1. All your browser history and cookies count as an individual problem in the software. The longer you have kept your history unchecked, the larger is your number of threats.
  2. No matter the size of your temporary files, it is still counted as a threat.
  3. Invalid registries actually do not slow your computer but they are still counted as threat.
  4. My Clean PC measures fragmentation based on number of files and not based on the memory. Fragmentation doesn't have a relationship to the number but with memory taken.

At this point, you would think twice before you spare the details of your credit card to buy a software. The work done by the software to clean my computer can be performed by you and it is not that hard for anyone to learn the techniques.

Do not believe the hype that history or cookies actually slow internet; Not directly at least. History and cookies need to be checked and removed regularly for protection from spyware. Registry entries are not a threat like advertised by these pc clean up software. There was a registry cleaner toolprovided by Microsoft themselves. But, they scrapped the idea because they deemed it unnecessary. The only properly detected threat by these software is the fragmented files and that too they do not show an unbiased result. Fragmented files in the system actually slow up the PC and it is a known fact.

You can download any software which specifies only to defragmentation. There are many software available that actually do what they advertise. Disk Defragmenter tool is an in built service provided by Microsoft.  Anywaythe software runs and checks for fragmentation on a regular basis at a synchronised time. So most of you need not worry about fragmentation unless there have been recent changes in the way you organise your computer.

In most cases, speed up computer is directly related to removing malware and spyware. It is advised to spend money, if you are willing to spend, on good antivirus software rather than on software which advertise to be the best pc clean up service.

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