Spammy Comments, a thing of the past.

by Abraham Van der Linde Online Entrepreneur
Do you get a lot of spammy comments?. I did.

I used to get about 95% spammy comments on my blogs. Not anymore.

How do you fight the spammers?. I bought CommentLuv.

After I bought CommentLuv Premium. Those spammy comments are a thing of the past. Now I can set my blog to auto aprove comments without the fear of those comments being spammy and I can give do-follow links to those that deserve it.

The only way anyone deserve a do-follow link is when they give comments related to the content of the blog post or page. CommentLuv Premium even prevent the auto comment bots and programs from leaving spammy comments on your blog.

Check this video to see what CommentLuv Premium can do for you.

If you liked what you saw, Why wait any longer. Go get it.

There are no other spam prevention traffic increasing commenting wordpress plugin like this on the planet.

Read my new post on Abraham's Tips where I give some tips on ethical commenting.

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Rhine Stonne Advanced  Web Master
Its a great plugin. I already have it on my blog

Best Regards
Oct 1st 2011 00:34   
Ayojide Buremoh Magnate I   Entrepreneur And A Blogger
I believe eradicating Spam Comments is a good thing, But if you dont mind ...I'll ask How is it determined Accurately.... I feel a webmaster doing it manually will be more Accurate
Oct 1st 2011 08:54   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
@Ayojide Buremoh. Sometimes the comments that is made by comment bots (programmes that do comments automatically with generic comments) are not considered as spam and can be approved my the webmaster. The CommentLuv plugin eliminates this effectively by using a hidden field in the comment form. Only the bots see this field and tries to fill it. Upon submitting the comment when the hidden field is filled, CommentLuv will mark it as spam. This will leave the webmaster to only moderate and approve the real comments.
Oct 1st 2011 18:00   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
@Rhine Stonne You wouldn't be SPAMMING with your link in your post would you??????.... I would have asked the same question as Ayojide...... Some of the stupid stuff that people add as a comment.. I can not believe they would think that I would actually approve it.. Silly People. I think for the time being I will just continue to do it manually but thanks for the info about that plug-in... good to know for the future.. Cindy
Oct 1st 2011 18:08   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
@Rhine Stonne, we are not allowed to put links in comments, it's like trying to steal the spotlight from the author of the article. Please delete your comment and repost it without the link, or you might be reported for abuse, there's a link for that at the bottom of every page at APSense.
Oct 1st 2011 18:38   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Abraham, with CommentLuv, I wouldn't need Akismet? How much does it cost per month?
Oct 1st 2011 18:39   
SK WONG Advanced   Author to be.
Philippe, I believe Akismet is FREE but you need an API to activate it. Actually, you don't need Comment Luv, Akismet does a very good job in filtering your blog comment, all you need to do is to manually approved the comment. Once the comment is approved, the subsequent comment from the same person will be approved automatically.
Oct 1st 2011 19:01   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
I pay for Akismet, Jaunesk, it's worth $5 a month for the time it saves me.
Oct 1st 2011 19:03   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
Thanks for the comments everyone.

@Philippe. Akismet is free. CommentLuv is free too. No monthly charges. CommentLuv Premium however cost $40 one-time fee at the moment untill Tuesday 04/10/2011. I bought it and I still use Akismet.

@Jaunesk. Akismet however does NOT stop the comment bots. CommentLuv Premium do.

@Cindy. I did not delete Rhine Stone's comment, just to show its the wrong way to do things. But that does not mean I will tolerate it everytime. :)
Oct 2nd 2011 05:05   
Vishwajeet Kumar Magnate I   Blogger
Very Well written & describing the 100% facts, i really like it.
Oct 2nd 2011 05:21   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
@Vishwajeet. Thanks. although your comment might be considered a bit spammy. Please elaborate what you consider the 100% facts. And maybe what you like about it.
Oct 2nd 2011 05:55   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
If anyone want to comment on Abraham's Tips and did not see a comment form. Sorry about that. It's fixed now. Please go and comment to your heart's content.
Oct 2nd 2011 05:56   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
Abraham, Akismet is not free, they do ask for a monthly payment if used for business purposes.
Oct 2nd 2011 08:46   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
Yes Philippe, You are right. For business purposes it does ask a monthly fee. But if you buy and use CommentLuv premium you can use the free version of Akismet and never pay anything to them or even CommentLuv again.
Oct 2nd 2011 09:57   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
It seems a little too miraculous to me, what CLP does
Oct 2nd 2011 10:02   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
Yep it does seem that way, but it's all true. I have been using the free CommentLuv plugin for years now. With the latest version of the free plugin, the unique traffic to my blogs have more than trippled, because I offer the commentors a choice of 10 of their recent posts to link back to. But the free version does not help fight the comment bots. With the premium vrsion I expect the traffic to at least stay the same if not increasing. With the added social enticements and bot comment elliminating I get even more and better comments. Even webmasters with high PR sites are willing to comment on my blogs. That way I return the favor and comment on their sites and in turn increase my chances of google giving me a higher PR.
Oct 2nd 2011 10:38   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
I understand the power of CummentLuv, it's the robot thing I am skeptical
Oct 2nd 2011 11:18   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
Ok, Let me paint the picture of the robot thing. Person (A) have a program on his/her computer that allows him/her to make mass comments on different blogs. Person (A) type in a generic comment into that program. That program then post the generic comment on a lot of blogs. In most cases those comments are completely unrelated to the blog post. Akismet do not stop those kind of comments. The CommentLuv premium have a module that stop that type of comment. Person (B) is the owner of the blog. He does not have to moderate all those spammy comments because CommentLuv automatically send those comments to the spam and then Person (B) can only go and delete them. That module are called GASP. it is a modified version of "Growmap Anti Spam" and is designed to work in conjunction with Akismet.. I hope this help clear the air.
Oct 2nd 2011 14:41   
Manali Patel Senior  SEO firm
@Abraham van But let me ask one thing that how CommentLuv can determine that the person who try to filling the hidden form is spammer. May it not be spammer or its comment is related and useful for the blog. So would you please tell us something more about this form what kind of it is and how it will prevent the spam.
Oct 3rd 2011 22:58   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
@Manali. That is just it. The hidden form field is hidden from people who is browsing your website. So they cannot see it when they try to post a comment. The comment bots however try to fill every field of the comment form, including the hidden field. Comment bots see the forms to be filled differently than people see it. When the form is submitted, with the hidden field filled, then the comment automatically goes to spam.

PS: the CommentLuv Premium are only available at the reduced price till Thursday 06 Oct 2011.
Oct 5th 2011 03:08   
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