Some Important Features Every Mobile App Must Have

by Melissa Crooks Tech Writer
As important as a mobile app is to every business, you may not get the best from it without certain important features. It is advisable that your app developers carry you along in every stage of your app development. This will enable you stipulate the features you want in your mobile app.

Even though mobile app developers are aware of some of these functionalities, they may accidentally omit some of them if you don’t list them out from the beginning. The first and the most important one is to ensure that new customers can order products from your mobile app without a full registration.

Nothing puts customers off like having to register fully before ordering. Full Name, email address, phone number and shipping address are enough. These are the only information you need to deliver any order. Any registration form that asks for more information than these few is counter-productive.

It is understandable that you need more information for proper profiling. You don’t have to force customers to register fully before they can order. Rather, you should set your app to be able to send a regular reminder to customers who have not registered fully. Another alternative is to offer a one-time discount for registered customers. This will make them register willingly.

Your app should have a message sending facility. This will enable you send videos, messages and even surveys to all your app users and customers at once by clicking a single button. Imagine the convenience of being able to send a message to over 10,000 people all at once. Sending with ease is not the only advantage, the other one is instantaneous receipt. Your message or post will hit the devices of your app users in a matter of minutes, except the ones whose devices are off and the ones whose devices do not have internet connection at that time.

Even at that, they will still receive the message as soon the device is powered on and internet connection is restored. Remember that hitting their device is one thing, being seen by the user is another. The fact that it will be received on their MOBILE device ensures this. People move around with their mobile devices except when they are asleep or when they are on a flight.

Do you know how much it will take you to get full response if you send a survey via email? It will take days or even weeks. Sending a survey through a mobile app is a totally different ball game. You will begin to get responses within minutes.

It is important that your app is integrated to the popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. This will make it easy for your customers to share your posts as they receive it. However, you need to go a step further. It is easy for them to share your posts does not mean they will share them. You are the ones that will make them share your posts. Wondering how? It is very simple. Just ensure that all your posts have a little bit of humor. They will laugh and share your posts to make their friends laugh too not because they really want to advertise for you.

Ensure that you app is as simple as possible so that even a 10-year old can navigate through it easily. When your app is too clumsy, it puts customers off. You can only achieve this by avoiding unnecessary features in your app.

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