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Students of all ages consider mathematics to be their sworn enemy (except for a few who love the subject). Out of all the assignments that they have to complete in their academic year, the math assignments always stick out like a sore thumb in terms of quality and understanding.

This omnipresent problem prompts students to take math assignment help from experts like teachers, seniors, elder siblings and professional assignment writers. Let us break down the components of mathematics so that students get a clearer idea of the area of mathematics that they are studying.

Mathematics has two forms –

  1. 1. Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics is a form that involves the study of abstract concepts that would later be applied in a manner that can be beneficial. G.H. Hardy, a mathematician who wrote the book ‘A Mathematician’s Apology’ believed that pure mathematics was similar to an art form. Thus, this branch of mathematics can be seen as the theoretical aspect of the field of mathematics. Its components can be classified as under –

  • Mathematical Analysis

It contains concepts like continuity, limits, integration, differentiation and inter-dimensional vector spaces. This component of pure mathematics studies continuous change in the context of real and complex numbers and functions. The first four concepts form a base for calculus of infinitesimals, derived by Newton and Leibniz in the 17th century. It can be used to describe the space (general or specific) between mathematical objects.

  • Geometry

Geometry is a combination of two Greek words meaning the measurement of the Earth (geo=Earth; metron=Measurement). It is a branch of pure mathematics that deals with the shape, size, depth and other relative positions of objects in the Universe. It can be argued that since geometry involves the measurement of the Universe’s objects, it should be an applied form. However, the constant proving and disproving of theories and the fact that is a base for many other pure mathematical concepts makes its classification clear.

  • Abstract Algebra

This aspect of algebra deals with the study of algebraic structure of the various sets like complex numbers, matrices, real numbers and vector spaces rather than the processes of manipulating the various factors and their individual elements (like the general forms of algebra).

In this form of algebra, the overall sets rather than their elements are studied to know the nature of their components.

  • Number Theory

Number Theory is the study of positive integers and their unique prime factorization property. It was considered to be the most useless form of pure mathematics but after the advent of coding theory using the elements of the number theory, its importance and inherent value was recognized.

  1. 2. Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is the field of math wherein mathematical concepts are utilized to deal with real-world problems. Its components can be classified into numerous fields. Some of them are –

  • Numerical Analysis

Numerical analysis finds its applications in engineering and physical sciences. Concepts like differential equations are used to calculate the complexities (shape, size, depth, rotation period, etc.) of celestial mechanics, and Markov Chains are used for stimulating living cells in the fields of medicine and biology.

  • Computer Science

The lines of code and computational problems are solved using algorithms of mathematical theories and statistical theories.

These are complex theories and so it is advised that students should take help from assignment makers because –

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