Solo Ad Secrets Exposed – How To Get The Most Out Of Solo Ads (ROLODEX Included)

by Demian Caceres Internet Marketing Professional


Many internet marketers say that Solo Ads are one of the cheapest and most effective sources of leads…

But there is a difficulty involved that everybody has to face when about to order:

The doubts of whether the provider is reliable and if it’s gonna get you results and a good ROI…

We never know, because it’s not our list and somehow we have to trust our intuition…We’ll never know until we test it out and try. We might get some disappointments or we might get surprises…

(look out for a critical note for you below the video that can give you the hint you needed to get ONLY SURPRISES)

But there are ways to increase the chances of succeeding and lessen the chance of failing…It’s about interacting, asking the right questions and tracking.

Watch this video to learn some golden nuggets about solo ads and how to get the most out of it. Then carry on reading below for some information never exposed before.

>The link to my inner circle<


(top quality and proven solo ad providers rolodex that DELIVERS as crazy)

Now…even more important than having the right approach when about to order a solo ad is to know the right providers. They tend to be very difficult to find and when you find them, they are not very good quality sources of traffic and leads, some are scammers and some are just a complete waste of time and money. There’s not always much transparency…


=>What would you say if you could have an excel spreadsheet with around 60+ top quality Solo Ad Rolodexsolo ad providers (if not the BEST out there) that have been tested and proven to be reliable and give great results?

(You could sell any offer you want and see profits coming into your bank account right after sending without having to worry if this solo ad provider will be a good investment or not)

YES, I DO have that spreadsheet. It’s my personal rolodex.

But all this information has taken time and money to gather (skype ID, email, sales page link and personal notes on some of them) and put it all together for the sake of making good money myself…Let me tell you, these sales pages are NOT EASY TO FIND. It was a lot of hard work to put together this resource.

I could literally sell this for thousands. Seriously. I’m going to show you something nobody else has ever showed you in this industry, guaranteed.

These solo ad providers have made me great money and beautiful ROIs everytime I use them and they still do…But I wouldn’t want to have an avalanche of people using this solo ad providers with the same offers I do and therefore saturate them…that’s why I am gonna limit this offer to only 20 10 people that qualify.

I am ready to share this with the first 10 people who contact me personally per email “” with subject line “Demian’s solo ad rolodex” and I will reply as soon as possible to close the deal and negotiate the prize…be ready to spend some hundreds (i’m just keeping it straight and honest). I only want serious people who are ready to invest in quality and top secret information and that know how to value this opportunity…I don’t want whiners that don’t know how to value third party effort and don’t wanna pay for it.

**You’ll have to sign a non disclosure agreement 
that you will not share this nor resell it**

I think you’ll have probably realized already that I am giving this out just for the sake of helping people (I wouldn’t if I didn’t want it) but unfortunately I would never give this for free….it’s just TOO valuable to give out like that.

You could literally be driving TENS OF THOUSANDS of clicks within a week. If you work your way through the whole list, you can possibly drive 100,000 clicks to the SAME OFFER. Then you can do the same thing for the next offer, and the next offer…

Needless to say, the possibilities with a resource like this are endless.

Solo Ad Rolodex**FULL DISCLOSURE: Not every name on the list includes a Skype, email, AND sales page. Some have all 3, some have 2, and some just 1. I did NOT include any names where I did not have at least one of those 3 contact elements. Just so you know, some vendors prefer to be contacted by just one communication method, thus the “holes”. And also, some vendors do not have sales pages, but still deliver some kickass solos. In the case of no sales letter, I have included their range of clicks offered. If they don’t have personal notes, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything else than “no notes needed” ;)

Stop wasting time and money searching for solo ad providers that end up wasting EVEN MORE of your money with crappy results from crappy lists. These providers are La crème de la crème…sounds funny, but I am serious about this statement.

A rolodex that makes life simpler and easier!!

Do you have any idea how much time and money this is going to save you if you want to buy solo ads?

If you realize the value you are about to get your hands on…

1) Grab this email (
2) Write your email (subject line “Demian’s solo ad rolodex”)
3) Click send…

And soon will I be with you, I’ll ask you some questions (including the agreement) and after analyzing the answers I will decide whether you have my trust and support on yourSUCCESS PATH ;)

Easy, cheap, converting traffic is seriously very hard to come by. And right now, the fruit is RIPE.


It may not last forever.

And if you are reflecting whether you need to pay for traffic…believe me, you WILL at some point of your career. Any experienced marketer will someday tell you that PAID TRAFFIC is crucial to any online business.

If you believe that you can get to these folks on my rolodex by your own…then what is your time worth?!

Spend a couple bucks to speed up the process if you believe your time is worth some good money. Contact me if you think that spending a little money in exchange for years of time and money waste is MORE than an EXCELLENT deal…

That’s what we call outsourcing :)

If you think you can go out and buy without some solid strategy first… then you’re not thinking straight. There is no point in losing your hat for no reason. I can basically help you eliminate the learning curve.

This is serious IM gold. If you need traffic in the IM/MMO niche, you cannot afford to pass this up. It will pay you dividends many times over.

So act now quick and take advantage of this special one-time opportunity. I am only opening this altruistic proposal for just 10 people (closed deal) and after that this information will stay safe in my hard drive for the rest of my days. Send that email ASAP if you don’t want someone to take your place…I will be replying as the emails come in, so if you are number 11 you can literally forget it unless I decide the contrary.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and working with you,
To your success, freedom and happiness…
Demian Cáceres

P.S. The first 3 get NEGOTIATION RIGHTS :)

P.S. This is something you will be able to use for life and for every product you want. You can squeeze and exploit it as you desire. It’s not just for Empower Network. A rolodex are the contacts…now you decide what to do with them.

P.S.S. With the rolodex you’ll get a simple step by step list of what to do and what not to dowhen ordering solo ads that you can use as a checklist and introductory lesson on effective solo ad marketing.

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