Solar Powered Heating and Cooling Systems to Rescue your Wallets, the Earth and you!

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We realize this these days that the earth is suffering from a lot of troubles, depleting natural resources and fossil fuels is one. It is apparent that most of the fossil fuels that we are taking for granted these days are going to get exhausted in the coming few decades, if not earlier. Moreover, the effect they have on global warming and worsening our planets heath are gruesome and baffling, in fact. It is high time that we need to switch to cleaner and renewable sources of energy quickly, and use Solar powered Heat Pump home heating systems or other such systems to do a favor to our home, planet earth which has been going through a lot of ordeals off late because of our irresponsibility and ignorance.

Hence we look at an extremely promising and futuristic form of energy, which has been practically implemented since years and is known for its efficiency and clean footprint. This energy is called geothermal energy. This form of energy. These are used commonly as heating and cooling systems at homes. The heating and cooling systems have the same overall structure and once set up, are extremely clean and easy to use. They use a set of pipes and pumps which are used to generate a cooling or heating effect which can used based on your convenience. Both these systems get air and heat from the Earth's surfaces which are simply stored energy which would have gone unused otherwise. The geothermal cooling system works by acting as an absorbent of heat from homes and then channelizing t outside, providing a heated environment.

The main reasons for switching to geothermal energy are mentioned hereunder, and you can se it for yourself why this is an energy of the future.


A traditional heater is 95% efficient in providing heat, by using electricity or other suitable energy sources, but a geothermal heating and cooling system it can give almost four times more efficiency to that. In other words, you are spending about four dollars for that much heating, which the geothermal system takes care of only at $1.

Eco friendly:

Moreover this energy is abundant, renewable, and clean. Just compare this with coal or any other fossil fuel source. This is because the sun will aglow for millions of years to come.


The same system can work as a heater and at the same time as full-fledged cooling systems, most of the traditional systems aren’t able to give this level of functionality, reliability and ease of use.


Studies have shown that a geothermal heating system can save up to 40-70onyour everyday expenses if you were using a traditional system vs this. Moreover, in some places, you get almost 30% tax credit from the government to encourage the usage of these clean sources of energy.

Installation, initially might be complex and expensive but over time you will realize it requires minimum interference and maintenance so it’s worth the money you spend


The entire system works underground and thus absolutely sound proof and silent, no disturbance or distraction whatsoever, just cooling or heating, as you need it. Traditional air conditioners and heaters end up making a lot of noise and eventually become disturbing. No more!

Find these points satisfying and intriguing? We can relate very well with you, and that’s what we at Geo-systems have brought together the best of Solar powered home hot water systems and cooling systems to make your lives more beautiful and simple, plus doing the same for our dear planet earth. So come and become a part of this legacy and play an important role in changing the planet, for the better! Become a superhero just by investing in a technology so futuristic and practical!

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