Side Effects of Obesity

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In today’s society, it has become increasingly easy and more convenient to consume a large amount of calories. At nearly every street corner temptations arise as the smell of salty French fries fill the air, tempting us to give in to a hot and convenient meal. Obesity is increasing in America at an alarming rate, with over 35% of adults being considered to be overweight. Unfortunately, there are many undesirable side effects that come along with obesity.



Physical Side Effects


The ample fatty tissueson an overweight person require extra oxygen, nutrients and blood circulation in order to stay alive. This puts pressure on the artery walls,which can cause high blood pressure. Being overweight, even by a small amount, drastically increases the chance of getting diabetes. Deposits of fat can build up in the arteries of the heart, increasing the risk for heart disease.


Bones and joints can also suffer from complications in result of the extra weight that they strain under.  The extra weight causes respiratory problems as it squeezes the chest wall and consequently the lungs. This compression can lead to heavy snoring and possibly sleep apnea.Being overweightcan even increase the risk for multiple cancers. All of these risks can be reversed by losing weight. It is important to keep track of your health, which can be implemented by joining a doctor supervised weight loss program.

Emotional Side Effects


Western society glorifies thin and toned bodies. Super skinny models are advertised everywhere from television commercials, to magazines displayed at the checkout line. The average American gets bombarded with the message that only thin is beautiful and this can cause detrimental emotional side effects for an overweight person. Many people come to assume attributes about obese people, which can carry a negative stigma. The stigmas of obesity can nurture depression, shame, guilt, and even obsession in an overweight individual. Incorporating a quality weight loss program, that is supervised by a doctor, can help in weight loss and nurture coping skills in the journey to become healthy.


Solutions for Weight Loss

There are lots of fad diets that tend to cause the dieter to crash after a short amount of time. The constant cycle of failure can drive an overweight individual to gain even more weight. It is important to seek out professional help when it is needed. Doctor weight loss clinics that are supervised closely by a professional who can assist in many ways including: setting up a reasonable diet, monitoring health risks, and assisting in coping with emotions throughout the journey. Find a doctor weight loss clinic in Florida such as Blissful Medical Wellness Center.


Carrying extra weight on the body can not only be harmful to physical health, but can cause psychological problems as well. When an overweight person decides to lose the extra pounds, the journey can be difficult to accomplish alone. Visiting a doctor supervised weight loss program could be the key in a successful journey to health.

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