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by Willie Nelson SELLORYELL
People buy a lot of things nowadays. Are you part of the consumer trend? This trend is responsible for buoying up the economy, thanks to the small and large investments people make daily. However, even though it’s good for a country’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP, it always doesn’t equate to personal gain. It’s perfectly fine if you can keep on spending if you have millions stashed away in the bank, but if you’re just a normal private citizen whose needs are met by a bimonthly salary, then you should start hitting the brakes on your drive to spend. A lot of people have fallen trap to impulsive buying, especially those who are armed with credit cards. The problem with credit cards is that it fosters an illusion that you can buy just about anything in the market. As a result, you tend to bring more stuff to the payment counter than planned. At first, it may seem convenient, since you don’t have to take any cash out of your wallet. But when you acquire more stuff than you can pay for, the monthly credit card statements start being more of a hassle. Once you skip a due payment date, you’re left prone to credit card traps such as the interest rate, service fee, and late payment fee. Skipping payment for several months can cause your liabilities to balloon up to three times their original cost. That’s why a lot of people fall prey to repossession, because of their uninhibited spending using their credit card. Having financial discipline means being able to know how much you can spend according to your earning capabilities.

There are many ways to counter the bad effects of credit cards. The foremost among these options involve your savings account. Have you been ignoring your savings account lately? Having a lot of cash stashed in your savings account means that you can get through any financial disaster, including credit card bomb-out. If you’re being hassled by your credit card, you can simply withdraw the required amount from your savings account, pay off all your debts, then terminate your credit card for good. The savings account can also account for a last-minute repossession solution. People who are about to be evicted can withdraw cash from their savings account in order to settle their mortgage, unlike people who have no savings account who are forced to rely on third-party options. If you’re back against the wall because you have no savings account, then you should find house buyers and consider the following options in order to survive repossession and get a fast property sale.

First, you should try signing up with a debt relief program or debt consolidation agency. This can effectively delay your payment due date, or remove the interest rate and service fee from your credit card or mortgage liabilities. Second, you should try to attract house buyers who specialize in fast property sales in order to force through that sale.

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