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by Rupa Aggarwal Analyst
Bats are the greatest identity of the game of cricket. That is why autographed bats of star players are of great demand among cricket fans. The quality of the cricket bat is one among the deciding factors in determining the match outcome. If the bat is not able to strike the ball hard, how will the batsmen score boundaries and sixes? Thus a good cricket bat is detriment for the game. When selecting a good bat, there are some factors to consider to regarding materials and design.


The most preferred wood for cricket bats is willow which is a fibrous wood. English willow and Kashmir willow are the two types used. English willow is a soft and fibrous timber and has a high performance effect when striking the ball. Kashmir willow is used as a substitute for English willow and is harder.

Sometimes, additional carbon fibre is inserted into the handle of the bat to make it feel lighter. It also provides more power to the shots and helps for shock absorption when striking high impact balls.


The making of cricket bat takes a long time because the wood undergoes many changes to become a bat.

Clefts – At first, the logs are split into wedges called clefts. These are waxed to prevent the loss of moisture and are kept in drying rooms for a long time.

Cutting – Clefts are then cut into the basic bat shape with the handle and toe ends defined.

Pressing – The willow is pressed after grading to strengthen it so that it can stand the impact of the ball.

Handle – The handle is mostly constructed of cane and rubber strips to provide power to the hitting zone.

Shaping – After the handle is fixed, the bat is shaped to have the majority of the wood on the middle of the bat. This is done to enhance the pick-up and weight of the bat and to provide a balance while batting.    


The design of cricket bats is also vital for their performance as it determines how they stand the impact of the balls.

Covered and uncovered – This decides whether the grain of the bat is showing or not. A protective coating is provided to offer protection against moisture and surface cracks.

Toe guard – The toe of the bats are vulnerable to breakage and it is protected using toe guard. The toe guard minimalizes the risk of the wood getting dented or split from the impact of the ball.

Handle length – Bats come with short and long handles. Mostly the handle length is chosen according to the player as it needs to give him control of the bat.

Now you don’t have to search the whole town for stores that sell good-quality cricket bats. Log onto shopping websites and order cricket bats online. You can choose one according to the material, design and price and the cricket bat will be delivered to your home.        

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