Salt Room Therapy: Relief for Allergies, Colds and Breathing Discomfort

by Lisa Brown Therapist

Too much salt eating is not healthy, but inhaling salt by respiration air is healthy and will make incredible aid for allergy, colds and respiratory distress. A common way for the therapy is saunas and steam rooms with the use of salt you can say salt room.

As our society is an industrialized now a days, hence we are exposed to pollutants and irritants due which allergies and respiratory problems occurs. Children and elder ones are particularly exposed to these.

Workers in the salt mines were found rarely with any of respiratory problems or diseases. On the fact of salt therapy Europe had always capitalized by building salt room spas for inhale salt-air so as to relieve from the respiratory discomfort. Now these was converted into therapy clinics where patients have to pay the charges to sleep on beds in alcoves made from the walls of salt.

Also US had shown interest in the salt air therapy and many of the cities there in now setting their own salt-air spas and now becoming very popular.

Salt as a healer

Since past days of Hippocrates it was well know the healing benefits of salt. It has medicinal and antiseptic properties.

To make feel good Smelling and breathing of fresh salt air is one of the ways. Near ocean living or making vacation makes us feel good and happy. The individual who lives near to the places like Mediterranean and other oceans have their good health as compare to the other individuals.

By drawing salty moisture into the airways it helps the respiratory system, helps in contraction of the mucous in the nose. Therapy of salt air is 100% natural, and it add on the complementary to the medical treatment but not replace it. Also it is very safer for the children.

We cannot live without salt. 0.9 percent of the mineral is also naturally generated by our bodies.

Visiting a salt room

Still salt air room (cave) therapy is not widely using due to the cost implementation of importing salt bricks and to build salt rooms outside where bricks can be naturally occur. In Russia and Eastern Europe salt mines and caves have found commonly.

 Salt room are lined with Salt bricks i.e. completely walls, ceiling and floor which releases pure salt vapor with controlled temperature and humidity. Also with the use of special salt air generator moist salt air can be blown into a room. In salt room as air blown due to which it feels that you are in the ocean and it leaves a salty taste on the lips.

Pros and cons of salt air therapy:

The patients who have high blood pressure is not recommended to take this therapy or also for those who are undergoing cancer treatment, and patients of Asthma must have to consult their physician.

The therapy can also be used on smaller scale. Dr. Oz propose a individual sized salt inhaler. For home use of an individual saline nose drops, salt pipes and salt air cocoons can be used.

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