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REALSTEW - The Platform without any competition

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant



Competitiveness is a central preocupation for all businesses, and now, in this technological age, it has never been keener.

RealStew is ‘on trend’ boldly going where others fear to go, totally focused on the continuing development and unrolling of those advanced technologies which will keep us in front of the competitive curve.

Growth in internet and cloud based services has materially changed the landscape as have new trends in the way customers are profiled and secured and how the relationship with customers are managed.

RealStew has developed a collection of integrated applications which, with the support of accredited Mentors, are easy to implement, cost justified and presents the Business owner with opportunities that are ground-breaking and hard to ignore.

RealStew introduces Collaboration as a commercial necessity and empowers through the process the ability for businesses to leverage each and every interaction that they have with customers, prospective customers, suppliers and service providers to their advantage.


In order to succeed, every business needs customers. A business needs either a product which solves a problem for the client, or a service which is perceived by the client to be of value. Both product and service must completely satisfy the needs of a client and they must be delivered at a price which the customer is prepared and able to pay. 

Once these criteria have been established, the next challenge is distributing enough of the product or service. Sufficient volume must be produced in order to generate a profit for the business while securing an acceptable return on the capital deployed and at an acceptable risk premium.


Whether establishing a business as a start-up concern or growing a business, every decision taken by the business owner or entrepreneur is a matter of choice.

A Real Estate Agent (for example) can elect to manage their ‘business’ using products and tools promoted by the Agency where they work or supplement the way they engage and interact with Sellers / Buyers by also subscribing to use RealStew’s Real Estate Application ( as attached document e.g).

A plumber or electrician can elect to limit their digital presence to a Facebook page or be more adventurous and invest in a website with all the ‘bells and whistles’ or they can elect to use a collection of RealStew applications, supported by accredited Mentors, to establish a professional digital presence, and so actively promote their products or services with a portfolio of created ads.

Any investment in RealStew applications promotes the business within the RealStew Eco System and on the World Wide Web while providing the appropriate tools to empower the business owner to be responsive and more informed about how and when they engage and interact with customers and prospects. The initial price is easily justified against the measured benefits it provides.

Any Merchant / Retailer without an e-commerce strategy will find it increasingly difficult to remain competitively relevant and by ignoring the importance of a social media strategy will accelerate their demise. 

The need to invest in the right equipment is a commercial imperative. 

This includes everything from the right telecommunication networks and devices, point of sale systems or tools and machinery designed to complete the task.

Businesses have always been at the forefront of technology which has revolutionised the face and pace of business. However, in order to maintain a competitive edge, they have had to constantly adapt and change their infrastructure. This is likely to be a never-ending process.

RealStew has this covered. Everything a business, either new or established needs to optimise their production, gain a competitive edge and manage the leverage of their growth is available ‘in house’ and accessed on ONE platform with ONE login.


An investment or commitment to use any RealStew Application is easily measured by a simple cost / benefit formula with the added advantage that each Application, and Applications under development, are designed to seamlessly integrate into each other. Applications are used by a global base of Private, Social and Business Users, across a full array of industries. Subscribers are teamed up with accredited Mentors of their choice who participate in the sharing of subscription revenue received by RealStew and who are therefore motivated and aligned to provide a high degree of professional support.

Each Application, or collection of Applications, addresses different challenges which every business has, namely:


It’s a rare business today that doesn't need a robust digital presence on the Internet, and even those for whom it is not an outright necessity can benefit from planting a stake in cyberspace. It is however a question of degree and any investment made in publishing a website should be an investment in sanity and not vanity.

As much as RealStew provides a business with a website we have consciously chosen to do so selectively with a greater emphasis on the functionality of the engine behind the website to ‘finds customers’ and convert these into repeat and referral business as opposed to expecting prospective customers to find the website. 

Customers are ‘found’ by focusing on a ‘push’ as opposed to a ‘pull’ approach where a blog or link to a survey, competition, promotion or an opportunity to view a select property (Real Estate App) is presented to a prospective customer who is drawn to the website through

this link and not necessarily had to hunt for the website on a search engine.

The RealStew Website is set up within minutes, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional website and it achieves the vital task of establishing an initial digital presence.

In early 2015 we started offering a service whereby an existing Website can be hosted on RealStew servers which we then provide with a ‘white label’ service where the ‘Contact Us’ tab of the existing website will be channeled through to activate the ‘Contact Us’ tab of the streamlined RealStew Website, 

so in effect we will empower an existing website with all the super charged integrated functionality of the RealStew Platform. If a business has no existing Website or is not prepared to continue to invest in their current website which is providing no tangible benefits, RealStew provides an elegant and cost effective alternative for a one off fee of $100.00


Knowledge and data are of fundamental importance to any business !

The starting point for a business is to know who their customers are, what they purchase, what their consumption habits are and whether there is any change in the pattern of their behavior in regards to business or a service purchased by them.

The fundamental problem experienced by knowledge Management, or data gathering systems which accumulate and make sense of data, is to respond quickly with supposedly informed decisions within fast time frames. This system is traditionally very expensive and beyond the budgets and capabilities of most businesses.

RealStew resolves all of these issues by providing a single platform where each and every engagement and interaction with the customer or prospective customer, supplier or service provider, along with the resources within the business is measured tracked and automatically aggregated as and when the engagement occurs.

All channels of engagement, sharing and transacting are recorded in real time and aggregated seamlessly on one platform so when interaction occurs the business is equipped with tools for slicing, dicing and responding to the data, thus presenting itself from an empowered position to communicate and interact. Informed decisions are invariably correct decisions.

RealStew provides a cloud based service firstly at a price that is easily justified against the measured benefits but more importantly at a price that reduces each month the more a business accesses and uses the system.

It is a fact that the more data gathered by a business and the more tools (applications) that the business has available to access and understand and respond to opportunities or issues the more assured the business has to stay competitive, reduce costs and increase their return on investment.


Knowledge and Communication go hand in hand !

Communication is not limited to traditional channels such as email or chat. A more direct, client centric form of communication is the process whereby a client or prospective client engages or interacts with the agent of a business or even in an online environment where the client may place an order for a product or service online, i.e. An airline ticket, a book, accommodation or hire a car etc. The instance in which a client or prospect interfaces with a business immediately presents an opportunity for the business to entrench and build on their relationship. Knowing it is their birthday or that they have specific needs is hugely significant.

Communication or any engagement can be opportunist, initiated or proactively managed and it is here that RealStew provides the Business with the channels and data to make informed decisions.

A Real Estate Agent, Plumber, Electrician etc, interfacing with the client or prospect professionally, from an informed, alerted position is presented with an opportunity for repeat business, leading to growth or garnering referral business.

The RealMail system, as a channel of communication, and the way it is designed to integrate automatically into the Contact Book has huge potential when taking into account the unique nature of the RealStew business model and the ability of the RealMail address to attract communication from new visitors to the RealStew system which then ‘links’ them to a business and the possibility of more business.

Release of the PowerCHAT system with all the integrated mobile features will provide not only the social power of instant mobile and video chat, but also the ability for business agents to proactively access data and respond from an informed position using a mobile device. This takes the communication value proposition to another level for a business. Again the cost of accessing the channels is easily justified against the measured benefits.

As the platform grows, additional advanced channels of communication will be presented. A standard User Group channel, coupled to Blogs and then video chat will become standard with all channels accessed on fixed PCs, tablets, laptops and mobile channels.

4. E-Commerce & Point of Sale

E-Commerce is the process of presenting a business, their products and services, in a cloud based environment to an audience of clients and prospective clients who choose to use the internet to search and then execute orders.

There are numerous Service Providers in this space and similarly there are Service Providers who have focused their energies on providing Merchants with Point of Sales systems where the prospective or existing client is serviced in real time by an Agent of the business who would be the party processing and accepting the order.

In the e-Commerce online environment the majority of transactions are processed on immediate financial settlement of the order and this would imply that the customer has the financial means (debit / credit card / Paypal etc) to make the payment. In the POS (Point of Sale) environment it is possible to conclude the transaction with the handover of cash in addition to the card / paypal environments.

RealStew adds a further dimension by presenting the e-commerce or POS subscriber with a broader opportunity to do business, namely:

1. The e-commerce and POS system is integrated as one complete unit with the ability for the business to accept both online and POS business from one integrated system, one integrated data base and one system that gathers data seamlessly.

2. The customer has an existing bank account (debit / credit card) but has accumulated money to their credit in their Online RealStew Trading account, so they can settle the payment by transferring money to the Merchants RealStew Trading Account.

3. The second, even bigger opportunity for financial settlement is to measure the strength of the history of shared revenue streams accrued by the Client. Payment can be settled by borrowing against future revenue streams, creating a line of credit within the RealStew platform, or the Merchant can elect to advance credit if the Client instructs irrevocably that RealStew forward future projected revenue streams to the Merchant.

4. It goes further than this. While managing the POS environment the Merchant will go online and respond / communicate and engage with cloud based clients from a shared cost environment. RealStew empowers businesses, so that staff can now manage both environments simultaneously and all on a shared overhead basis.


The business owner, operator or any authorized personal will, through mobile technology be empowered 24/7 to access any data and component of the business. A full integrated set of mobile tools were released before the end of 2014.

at a table and channelling this through to the kitchen within the restaurant or at the other extreme, a sales consultant in another country interrogating the status of an order or securing a quote. The value proposition will be that the business owner is proactive and responsive in all their communication and is empowered to make informed decisions with no global or logistically imposed limitations.

The Mobile enterprise is a huge field with tens of thousands of applications being released with one common thread and that is to empower the User to be more effective. RealStew will be one of many platforms that will deliver these Applications. RealStew will actively work with third party providers to deliver these applications and integrate their benefits into the RealStew collection.


Finance and the access to capital is a challenge for any business.

RealStew resolves the issue elegantly by providing integrated solutions that:

• Assist subscribers to establish a digital presence;
• Aggregate their knowledge base;
• Communicate and engage effectively and from an informed and proactive position;
• Operating an efficient e-commerce and POS system

What we are really doing is harnessing the collective energy of a global base of Users for the benefit of the whole platform. In recognition of this valued contribution, RealStew, in terms of its collaborative business model (point 2 of the differences we referred to earlier) shares a lion’s portion (80%) of the subscription revenue with ALL its Users irrespective as to whether they are paying subscribers to the services or not

The formula and process of distributing subscription revenue is consistent and regular to the point that the User is able to predict with absolute certainty what shared revenue they will receive in the future based on what they have received in the past.

The predictability of the revenue streams presents the opportunity for RealStew to either directly provide a line of finance, or indirectly by facilitating it through a social lending program Peer to Peer (P2P) amongst other Users.

It is an interesting phenomena inherent in the collaborative nature of the RealStew model that the engagement, and collective energy flowing from the engagement, provides value to the enterprise plus the very links or associations that the business then leverages on to secure finance and capital that empowers them to actually and want to engage more effectively and efficiently.

As an alternative to a loan against future predictable revenue streams, RealStew will facilitate a process, on a ‘Passive income Trading Platform’, permitting a business to sell the future irrevocable rights to a percentage portion of their revenue streams. 

Taking the process further, where RealStew is the managing platform for processing ALL of the transactions flowing through the POS and e-Commerce system and RealStew has a clear knowledge of the trading patterns of the business and its future passive income streams, RealStew will automatically provide bridging facilities or lines of finance.

The subscription to the e-Commerce / POS system should therefore not be seen as a cost of doing business but rather a way to professionally manage all communication and engagement with clients, gather data, improve communication and operational efficiency and then leverage this to secure finance and capital for the business.


An investment in the RealStew enterprise suite presents the Merchant / 

Business with a wider range of financial settlement options.

Up to now the sale of any products or services on the web will require that the Customer has an existing bank account where they could do an online payment (via PAYPAL or any other Credit/ Debit Card processing gateway) or an internet bank transfer.

The facts are that 50% of the World does not have a bank account and yet they have access to the internet (mobile etc) and at a high of penetration than 50%. The fact that we share revenue with ALL members will mean that we will have hard currency that we share with Members who have no bank accounts. 

In these, and even those with existing Bank accounts, RealStew holds the funds on their behalf and will process any payment instructions received.

A Merchant / Business using the RealStew platform is therefore presented with an opportunity to now trade and secure financial settlement with a far greater pool of potential customers than any other portal.

This is significant when you note that in India there are 1.1 billion people (87% of population of 1.3 billion) with access to a Mobile / Internet network but less than 500 million have bank accounts. 

We will double the potential e-Commerce market in India.

An investment in the RealStew platform will also reduce fees as any transfer within RealStew accounts carries no transaction fees and where applicable the Merchant / RealStew can provide a facility against the strength of income to credit to the account in the future based on past income streams.


Client acquisition and then repeat and referral business is the constant challenge of any business. A collection of RealStew applications are geared to client acquisition.

The process of listing a product on an e-Commerce or POS system, presenting a select property, or blogging about a product or service presents RealStew with content which is then presented as a created ad, matched against the profiled content of conversations (CHAT, User Groups and Email) previously processed on the platform.

Cash Back and loyalty programmes (details to follow) along with an auction portal and a directory services and ‘deal of the day’ campaigns to profiled Users will provide subscribers with numerous marketing channels.

The focus, of phase one, is to provide subscribers with the tools to actively manage interaction (push and pull) with their contacts.

The subscription model, during phase one, is to provide easy to apply Applications which can publish any number of created ads to attract on a profiled basis, opportunities (eye balls) just by using normal communications.

The business model will be changed in phase two, once there are large numbers of created ads competing for the same prospective customers. Subscribers will have their ads ranked based on the level of subscription and system support they have achieved on the overall RealStew Platform.


Various loyalty or managed incentive programs are ten to the dozen with a more recent phenomena being a plethora of ‘cash back’ programs where a selection of businesses are grouped together in a directory and on supporting the business the Purchaser is given a cash back incentive for doing so. # #

There are a growing number of companies adopting this practice.

A common thread of all of these platforms is that Merchants register their wares on one or more registers against the payment of a listing fee, with the understanding, on a number of the platforms, that the Merchant will have a degree of exclusivity. Membership is, as a rule free, while a number of the programs give Members the right to become Premium Members on the payment of a recurring fee and they then receive an increased share of the distributed cash back rewards that the platform receives when products or services are purchased from the registered Merchants.

RealStew has developed its own cash back loyalty system. 

Subscription to any of the Business Applications presents the Business User with an opportunity to seamlessly participate in the cash back program.

Participation in the program is as simple as the Merchant / Business agreeing on a ‘cash back’ incentive amount they are prepared to give in all or selected transactions.

On registering their participation in the program they enjoy a preferential placement of their created ads ahead of those Merchants that do not participate and they have their products and services listed on a searchable register and promoted on a weekly promotional circular distributed among all activated and sharing Members.

Participation in the program presents the Merchant / Business with an opportunity to actively approach ALL customers who are already purchasing products and services and present them with an opportunity to register for a cash back incentive discount on the very same products and services that they are already purchasing. The cash back incentive can be as little as 1% of as much of the sale revenue or as much as the Merchant believes necessary to encourage participation. This is a seamless way of securing registration.

Registration will be done online and is confirmed with an incentive / reward for those registered customers who refer the registration to their friends, securing them as first level links to themselves and secondly to the Merchant with the potential to extend this to third, fourth, fifth and six degrees of separation with an obvious mutual benefit to all parties concerned.

On the conclusion of a transaction (invoice on the online accounting plumbing system or sale on the e-commerce or POS system) the agreed cash back is deducted immediately from the Merchants / Businesses RealStew Trading Account and should this place the Trading account in debit the Merchant /Business is given 7 days to place the account back in credit. Should the Trading Account be in debit longer than 7 days the sharing status of the Merchant / Business is suspended and the Mentor supporting the Merchant / Business is alerted and prompted to contact the Merchant / Business to remedy the situation.

18% of the cash back discount is retained by RealStew with 72% then divided by 6 and distributed 6 degrees of separation with the Customer who purchased the item receiving 1/6th of 72% of the cash back and the remaining 5/6 parts up the line (5 degrees) from them.

The incentive to the Customer is that while they may only receive 1/6th of 80% of the cash back they will receive substantial amounts from the referred links which they managed to secure through the program and more.

The Merchant or Business has their business actively promoted (cash back fee is a marketing cost) and they also secure a huge number of first level links with the leveraged benefits already detailed in this document.

From the Merchant’s perspective the RealStew Cash Back Program presents a scenario where the Merchant may well offer a cash back discount on increased sales but the leveraged value of the passive income flow and the ability to raise finance /capital against this flow will more than justify their investment.

RealStew Cash Back provides a simple to execute Cash Back Loyalty system in an already crowded market space with the further advantage and facility of presenting the Cash Back incentive on a single platform with a global set of Merchants / Businesses.


RealStew launched its own Crowd Funding Application in early 2015 with all Merchants / Businesses of 6 months standing and with at least 100 first level links qualified to present any pre-revenue project or idea for crowd funding.

The RealStew Crowd Funding Application will have FCA (Financial Control Authority) accreditation in London and presents a unique funding model that no existing Crowd Funding has, until now, been able to match.

Each and every Member receiving any portion of the distributed revenue is obliged (up to a maximum of NZ$15-00 / GBP7-50 per month) of their distributed revenue to be placed into one or more Crowd Funding Applications. 

A captive source of funding can be tapped to fund projects while growth in the RealStew platform will add to the funding pool, increasing the number of businesses that will be able to secure funding.


RealStew has an obligation to pay the tax on all distributed revenue and each Member will be presented with an Online Accounting system and will be supported by a Mentor, to assist them in recording tax deductible expenses, thereby reducing tax paid to the tax authority.

The integration of the e-commerce or POS into the same accounting system presents the Merchant or Business with an existing built in system to account for all income and expenditure, seamlessly applying the same system to their whole business. 

A full suite of integrated accounting modules will be added to the basic system with each module enhancing the financial control of the business on its operation.


RealStew is a new style collaborative network which embodies a symbiotic alignment of the values which promotes all Members to actively use the platform as a place to manage all communications, engagements, interactions and all business activities.

The sustainability of the model is assured because of the collaborative nature of the RealStew ethos.

Whether approaching the use of the RealStew platform from an esoteric social changing or practical functional perspective it makes no difference at the end of the analysis the question is really one of can it be avoided, RealStew provides Universal solutions that are easily applied and justified, there growth of the platform is assured and it is a question on when and not whether the platform is embraced.


An investment in one or more Applications presents the business with an opportunity, in time to access a substantially larger library of Applications.

This will come when RealStew works in conjunction with existing third party developers to integrate RealStew’s offerings into the way they operate and manage their business.

It will be a fundamental element of any relationship with any Third Party Developer that the relationship with the User (subscriber) rests with the platform and integrated data base and not with the Third Party Developer.


Responding proactively and from an informed position is fundamental to any enterprise.

The aggregation, sorting and indexing of data takes place efficiently with each and every engagement and interaction on the platform. 

This includes the seamless and continuous addition of new information to the businesses knowledge pool. Slicing, dicing and analysing the data are possible because of the integrated nature of the tools.


We covered an introduction to this as a point of difference in our preamble to this document. The cherry on top for a Business subscribing to any RealStew Application, is the assurance of excellent support from an accredited network of trained Mentors, who will ensure they secure the best outcome in the use of their applications.

Not only will the RealStew Mentor Program assist subscribers to integrate their applications, smoothly and effectively, it will also include them in the active promotion of the enterprise itself.

They will be advised of events within the RealStew environment which could be beneficial to them, along with the collaborative nature of RealStew, with its principles of profit sharing, its harnessing of the collective energies and skills of the network, and its ultimate aim for social change globally.


  • The benefits are on-going and easily measured.

Improved operational efficiency with better communication assures that the business more user-friendly, proactive and responsive in their engagement with the client.

The new speed and efficiency along with added benefits offered to customers will attract more customers, and increase business from existing ones.

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Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant

Assume a 5% increase in business (nominal) with turnover increasing by 5% on $50 000 = NZ$2500-00 increase and trading margin of 40%, the business will increase Gross Profit by $1000-00 per month or 3 x the monthly all in costs.

Apart from increased core business there is now a further revenue stream and that is the collaborative sharing of revenues and benefits.

Take for example, a Merchant who had 1000 regular customers before the RealStew system was implemented. 50% of the customers subscribed to earn ‘Cash Back’ rewards as an incentive to continue supporting the business.

If 50% of these become first level links, the business would be well on its way to having a substantial number of 6 degree links.

The fact that ‘links’ have been established as a matter of course and this translates in the business receiving a share of RealStew’s global revenue stream will allow the business to offset this additional revenue stream from their subscription costs to use the RealStew platform, is in itself a huge benefit.

The ability to raise finance / capital against the strength of shared revenues is another benefit hard to quantify but suffice to say it will translate into finance / capital that no other enterprise system can offer.


RealStew - The leading-edge Platform that supports an ever-expanding library of integrated Applications materially empowers businesses to reduce costs and to increase their operational efficiency.

Communications are enhanced at every level and access to real time information is at their finger tips.

From this supremely well informed position, a business can make prudent decisions for new strategies to expand their client base and stimulate repeat and referral business.
It is not a case of when but rather should the business avoid an opportunity to stay competitive, reduce costs and prosper.

And all this : ‘In House’
Need we say more?!... Upwards and Onwards!
See ya inside...
Jun 10th 2016 10:56   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Very important latest news => There is a whole lot going on so you may need to allow yourself some time to read and reread this document.

It all sounds very promising for all of us :
Aug 14th 2016 15:35   
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