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Fire protection needs a sound knowledge and some courage to fight it. Every one of us must have gone through some kind of incident in our life involving a fire breakout. It’s the time when we need to react fast before the flames spread. It should take a fraction of a second to gauge the situation and act on it. Many of us do not have the proper understanding or the required training to handle such situations.

In these cases we firstly need to consult a fire safety consultant. This person will be able to guide us with the correct steps and the tools needed. They analyze the fire safety needs for our premises and provide us the apt solution. This also includes employee training on safety measures. All this is keeping in mind the order2005 regulations being followed.

Every business or a residential should purchase fire extinguisher. This aids in small scale fire breakouts but can avoid bigger damage with quick precision.

Available in two varieties:

·         Store Pressure – Most widely used type where the expellant and the firefighting agent are stocked in the same compartment. Nitrogen is used as a repellant for the dry chemical extinguishers and air for water and foam extinguishers.

·         Catridge-operated – Here the expellant and the agent is stored separately. This is operated by perforation of the system. These tools are used in industries and are not used by all.

Different types of Fire extinguishing Agents:

Ø  Dry Chemical – This is a Class A type which involves chemicals such as mono ammonium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and so on. This type target inflammable products such as paper, wood, or plastic.

Ø  Foams – used on Class B fires that are triggered by combustible products such as, gas or oil. These are made of chemicals that target kitchen fires for example.

Ø  Water – used for class A fires which is cost-effective and safe. Chemicals such as potassium acetate, carbonate or antifreeze elements.

Ø  Carbon Dioxide – eliminate flames from the flammable area by stopping the flow.

Ø  Sodium chloride, graphite or sodium carbonate is the Class D type.

Ø  Grenade style functioned by tossing it into the flames.

Fire extinguisher sale can certainly temp you to buy one instantly, however, you need to maintain the tool in order for it to function properly:

Ø  Basic Service

Ø  Extended Service

Ø  Overhaul

These are three main ways of upkeep of your protection tool. There are many fire extinguisher deals that you can find online or offline. However, you need to ensure to buy the right one as per your requirements. The decision should be based on the scale of use and the location. Apart from the basics, remember to avail proper training and a know how to use from the safety consultant.


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