Poverty, Poverty, Poverty

by Mike G. Marketer



Poverty is something we all want to avoid but those who are in its grasp see little end to its void. Some embrace it, some try to handle it while others fight it with everything they have.


I listen to people who are in the struggle and it seems on what day I wake up in the morning on where I believe who is to blame. Sometimes I think it’s those who are rich is the problem then it goes to the poor people who don’t get up.


It wasn’t until it hit me how crazy this poverty cycle really is that began to bother me the most. I wrote an article entitled: What does Poverty Mean?


I sometimes think how can I go to sleep at night in the luxury of life knowing others suffer? I think that is the last crumbs of decency in me showing up.


I put it in the hands of world leaders but they rely on the income of those whose crumbs have left their soul a long time ago! People who thrive off of making poverty successful…


I recently gave a homeless person a ride then a hotel room for the month. The funny thing was he didn’t appreciate the ride or the hotel but the fact that I came back and talked to him for a few hours.


I began to understand things better as we talked about life. I learned about myself more than I learned much else. In the past I was just giving handouts in efforts to hide my guilt of ignoring others in the life I once known well.




Hunger is more than food for the body but it is food for the soul as well. I don’t have the skills to explain this as I want but I can say it the only way I know how.


We hunger to live a full life but are often distracted by people like me and those who are further along the path of deceit. Everyone should have the opportunity to be who they should be.


I think that I got hit by the shovel that kept me down one too many times which I began to notice who and how I was being held down. I got out then was handed a shovel in a way to keep others down in order to succeed even more.


The hypnotic state that many believe is the only way, has to come to an end at some point. When I was able to see things clear everything came together as fast as I could imagine, sure there are bumps in the road but I don’t dwell.


When you hunger for food you eat but when you hunger for who you are meant to be you look to others for answers. Just do what you know you should and keep at it until you smile every day of every hour.


This morning I’m going to spend some more time with David the ex-homeless man to help me end a new hunger. I can’t rely on others to heal the world’s problems I have to take on this beautiful burden as I did in my quest to end my own hunger for food at one time.


What does Poverty Mean?



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Ljerka S. Committed  Teacher
Incredible, inspiring and eye opening in a special way. How much can anyone of us do to add a few soul crumbs every day?
Feb 18th 2015 07:21   
Irvin Dinkins Advanced   New Approach Marketingtm
I really enjoyed reading this post. It was soul stirring and reminded me of Micheal Jackson song man in the mirror. I would place myself in the column if those who are trying to handle it with grace. Bravo to you Mike heartfelt commentary.
Feb 18th 2015 10:09   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Ljerka S., thank you for that awesome response! I guess I should have edited it before posting it but when I'm passionate I never go over it. Thanks again
Feb 19th 2015 10:59   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Irvin Dinkins, I think you have the perfect thought of "man in the mirror." Thanks for the response and I wish you the very best on your journey!
Feb 19th 2015 11:03   
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