PET: Features & Benefits

by Ricky Martin Marketing Consultant

PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate. Packaging of any product ensures to protect the product it contains, while keeping safe its benefits intact. PET packaging is the best material used for packaging, what makes it unique to use is its properties like lightweight, transparency, strong, safe shatterproof and RECYCLABE making it suitable for packaging of variety of products.

PET packages are made in two ways:
1.    Blow molded – to create bottles and other narrow mouth containers.
2.    Thermoformed – to create clamshell or bakery product packaging.

If you are looking for pet bottle supplier or planning to become one then you should go through this article to know more about the basics of PET.  

Features & Benefits

PET is hygienic and easy to store, carry, re-seal and making it an ideal packaging to accommodate in our lives. Thus, making PET a good package option for home and away-from-home packaging requirements.

PET is easy to work with and this helps to make innovative packaging designs. PET bottles are manufactured in unique sizes and designs for variety of uses like ketchup bottles, wine bottles, peanut butter etc., making it a convenient product to make.

PET has good barrier properties which help to protect and preserve the content of it. Further addition of additives like oxygen scavenger, silicon oxide coatings, carbon coatings etc. enhances PET’s inherent barrier properties. If PET had no barrier properties then the Cola will lose its carbon dioxide, liquid products will evaporate or juices will lose Vitamin C, so it barrier properties makes it a prime packaging material.

PET is lightweight due to which the products can be easily packed in it and shipped off. Due to its light nature, the secondary packaging also becomes lighter and this leads to reduction in fuel requirements and greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation. PET bottle manufacturers are always improving their technology and making lighter packages while maintaining the quality and strength of plastic.

PET is the most recycled plastic in the world as it can be recycled many times. Today, when we are always looking for environment friendly solutions, sustainable development is a priority and more, PET plays an important role here. PET is usually recycled into fiber, fiberfill, carpeting, strapping, food, non-food items, bottles, takeaway cups, containers etc. Recyclable nature has other benefits like conservation of raw materials to make virgin PET; less energy is required to convert recycled PET into a virgin equivalent thus reducing emission of greenhouse gases.

•    SAFE
PET has been approved as safe from last 30 years for packaging of food, beverages and non-food materials. PET is safe as it does not contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, etc., and has very, very, very low risk of harming its user, environment or workers producing it.
Plastic pet bottles are a part of our life and if you look out you will find out that most of the PET products can be found out easily in our home or around us. As PET technology improves with time, PET packaging offers a solid mix of cost, performance, and consumer appeal.

We’ve completed this post on the basics of PET packaging. To know more about topics such as pet bottles supplier, plastic pet bottles manufacturers etc. keep reading our upcoming articles.

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