Paper Bags Tree: Innovative Craft Project for Kids

by Nitish Rana Writer
Paper bags are the new implementation by the companies around the world who are going through the preservation of the environment. People are getting more aware of using eco-friendly products and that’s why the use of plastic bags have been reduced and replaced by paper bags. Paper bags are widely used for so many different purposes these days. It usually happens often that you buy paper bags in bulk and find them useful for multiple purposes. There are so many applications of paper bags and this article is dedicated to craft projects of kids. 
So do you want to do something out of the box and creative with your leftover bunch of paper bags? You can check our collection of amazing ideas. Your kids will love these crafting ideas during those drowsy holidays when they want to create and enjoy with something unique and innovative. So, grab some brown paper lunch bags and some coloured tissue papers along with other ingredients to make this job easy and full of fun. Here is the tutorial to make a beautiful fun craft with your children during the fall season.

Things you will need:

1). Paper bags(Unused)
2). tissue paper in fall colours (brown, red, orange, yellow)
3). Washi tape
4). scissors
5). glue

What You Do:

1). First of all, you will need to have a paper bag that you want to reuse in your craft. Simply open the paper bag so that it will stand on its own. 

2). Now carefully hold the bottom area of the bag and make them twisted just above from the seam or the fold several times.

3). Next, you have to use scissors to cut strips from the top of your paper bag down to the twisted section.

4). Once you have accomplished this task you can simply gather three strips at a same time and twist them together to form the branches. Now continue twisting those three strips until you run out of the strips to twist more. If you end up with the odd amount then simply twist four together or two together at the end of the loop. This will make your craft look uniform in design.

5). In the last step, you have to tear or cut small pieces of the colourful tissue paper and glue them here and there making some leaves of the branches. 
So this is how you can make paper bag trees in very simple steps. Making useful crafts is not a rocket science one can easily make some great DIY projects by designing some easy steps at home. The best part is that one can do this with their kids at home. Making creative and innovative projects like this can help your kid to think more innovative. Paper bags are way useful in making these crafts also along with their daily home or business uses. If you want to opt for these kinds of craft projects then you should opt for paper bags wholesale dealers to get them in cheap pricing.

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